100 Seconds of coupling

100 seconds of coupling

The pruflings have 100 seconds to couple the individual parts of the suction line together and then attach the safety line. This test is only passed after the dry suction test, which shows whether all couplings are tightly sealed. 23 firefighters from waldfenster took part in the loschangriff performance test. They all passed.

From the age of 16 and with completed firefighter training, firefighters can take part in the performance examinations offered, explained thomas straub, commander of the waldfenster volunteer fire department. They are divided into six levels of difficulty. In the first two levels, only construction, knots and stitches are tested, level three also includes vehicle knowledge. In level four, the trainees have to know first aid and in level five they have to know the meaning of dangerous substances. In the most difficult level six, ten test questions about operations, fire department law and the structure of the fire department had to be answered.

The performance test is offered every two years. The candidates had the opportunity to practice intensively for ten days with the commanders thomas straub and steffen schade and to prepare themselves for the exam. According to straub, this offer had been well received.

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