A welcome money blessing for the fc 05

A welcome money blessing for the fc 05

Spvgg oberfranken bayreuth – FC 05 schweinfurt 1:3 (1:2). Goals: 0:1 kevin fery (9.), 1:1 kristian bohnlein (19.), 1:2 florian pieper (41.), 1:3 adam jabiri (73.).
Well, then have a nice whitsun, FC 05. The schweinfurt team was flattered to have been knocked out of the cup by the late cup winners eintracht frankfurt on saturday. And then two days later they promptly qualified for the first round again. Highly deserved, to boot: in the bavarian cup final, the 3:1 (2:1) victory of the third-placed team in the regional league against their league colleagues spvgg oberfranken bayreuth, who still have to go through the relegation process, was never really threatened.

For winning and defending the title won in burghausen in 2017, the club received a check for 5,000 euros from nurnberg’s promotion coach michael kollner, and around 150,000 euros for qualifying for the main round. "This makes it easier for us to find additional personnel", 05-president markus wolf already unpacked the slide rule. "We are negotiating with three or four high-caliber players, we want to do something offensively, especially on the eaves." First, wolf announced the signing of midfield all-rounder noah schorn from the bundesliga U19 team of TSG hoffenheim.

Also an image gain

Coach gerd klaus, of course, felt that the renewed image gain from the cup victory was even more important than the material gain: "this is the best advertising medium for the city and the club. We are nationwide not yet so prasent, but there one speaks again of schweinfurt." At the moment of triumph, klaus was quite indifferent to the fact that a prominent opponent would be an added bonus: "wolfsburg, maybe, because my nephew felix will be playing there in the future. Gescheiter is but perhaps a beatable zweitligist. Only not necessarily sandhausen again, especially since they will certainly not underestimate us again." Hort, hort, one does not suspect itself thus sporty so far from the second league grey zone away. No wonder that klaus ("we want to climb a league higher in one or two years") and wolf ("after cup win and place three came cup win and place two – at least").
Yes, yes, the schweinfurt officials could play down the game as much as they wanted: in the end, the success or failure of this 2017/18 season depended on this final game. And that was also noticeable to the team. Highly focused they went into the game, struggled early for control and also created chances with offensive fubball. And since the bayreuth did the same despite funferkette behind, but with three strikers at least half an hour, a nice game developed. And something like that is more convenient for the FC 05 than an opponent’s tactics. It almost looked as if the guests were going to lead the way to the clear victory expected by many fans. After a determined start, kevin fery fired from 25 meters and his shot bounced off the bottom of the crossbar to make it 0:1 into the net.

But the old town kickers, who still have to play twice in the next few days against TSV aubstadt to stay in the regional league, are not impressed by this. They bravely played forward with fast counterattacks and were rewarded: kristian bohnlein’s sharp cross from the left was converted by ivan knezevic from four meters to make it 1-1. Which, in turn, the FC 05 little impressed: fery missed only narrowly (22.), florian pieper hit the right post (28.), adam jabiri aimed a bit too high (31.) and christopher kracun toppste hair-tight next to the left post (34.).
So it was only a question of time when the 1:2 would fall. Pieper put a ball from jabiri into the left corner from the turn in gerd-muller style. The only danger came at the break, when 05 keeper alexander eiban was able to bend a bohnlein shot just over the crossbar (42).).

Also after the change had the schweinfurter initially the better actions and bad luck, as jabiri after a fritscher cross by head only the post hit (55).). But: the game was now a lot more disjointed, the ball losses on both sides piled up – and that did the bayreuthers a little better than the nullfunfern. Their 700 or so fans were nevertheless in high spirits, celebrating their team and also a bit themselves. It was just a pity that shortly after the break, a few storers had caused an interruption of several minutes by throwing smoke, although this was somewhat excessive on the part of referee wolfgang haslberger due to the comparatively low level of smoke development. Before the game, the bayreuth supporters had also already been ticking – only in yellow and black.

Jabiri once again by head

From a sporting point of view, the last half hour was more and more a mixture of fighting and tactics. In the end, it was the people of schweinfurt who had the larger reserves, but they were patient enough and did not make the mistake of trying to force the decision in the early summer temperatures. Rather, the 1:3 was the result of a nice ball sequence, at the end of which the outstanding fery crossed beautifully from the right and jabiri only had to nod in from six meters with his head.

With that, the decision was made, because the bayreuthers now knew that they had better bundle their forces for relegation. Substitute anton makarenko’s overhead kick was just wide of the mark (86.), but also the schweinfurter had through kracun, who failed with a free kick at the great reflex of spvgg keeper jonas hempfling (81.), and philip messingschlager after fine solo (87.) can definitely add to the score.
Schweinfurt: eiban – messingschlager, strohmaier, wolf, fritscher (81. Female) – fery, kracun – willsch, paul – pieper (50. Kling), jabiri (89. Janz).

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