After 38 years, pupils of the zeitlofs elementary school meet again

After 38 years, pupils of the zeitlofs elementary school meet again

"Good morning, first class!" – "good morning, mr. Salfer!" – "sit down, please!" – this is not the burial of the first class of an elementary school – no, this is how the former abc-schutzen of the elementary school zeitlofs and their former teacher jurgen salfer buried themselves a few days ago.

After 38 years, organizers andrea weber and frank schiffler had invited their former first class to a classic reunion. "I was very happy about the invitation and accepted immediately. After all, this was the ‘dream class’ in my 40 years of teaching", emphasizes salfer. 19 of the 24 students from the class of 1980/81 went to the "steinerne wirtshaus" in weibenbach, and not only from the nearer surroundings of zeitlofs, but also from wurzburg, munich and even from florida/USA.

Warm and emotional

The meeting was characterized by a warm and emotional atmosphere, with many memories, with numerous stories and the exchange of old pictures from the time of the beginning of school. It soon became clear that the close bond that had developed between teachers and students over the course of a school year had continued to exist over the decades. In the days before, everyone was eager to see what had become of their former classmates and teacher over the course of time.

After dinner, there was an opportunity to visit the former classroom, which was the only class at the time. Since 1986, the rooms of the schoolhouse have housed the kindergarten in weibenbach, where the "co-educator" is a teacher daniela muhlig works as a child care worker today. Together they posed for a souvenir photo, and with their eyes closed they could still smell the special scent of the old parquet floor – a very familiar feeling. It was also something very special, as they were the last schoolchildren to be taught in weibenbach – in the 3. Class they had to move to zeitlofs.

Often meeting

When they had to say goodbye late at night after many hours of shared reminiscence, everyone felt that it had gone by much too quickly and that they should not wait another 40 years for a next meeting. "Meeting you again after so many years, it just felt good. And what feels good should be done more often", their ‘old teacher’ remarked at farewell. He was happy to have been able to teach such a class in his more than 40 years of teaching.

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