After the killing, business as usual is now back to normal

After the killing, business as usual is now back to normal

The kitchen smells of freshly cut parsley, the chanterelles are just being cleaned. Muhammet cinel and abdullah caudar lay down their music in their "mediterran" restaurant, which they operate in the old guardian's house, value fresh goods. The smell of rats in the cellar, which has been discussed almost daily in the newspapers over the past few weeks, has annoyed the two of them.

Although the restaurant and its beer garden were full almost every evening, the conversation around the tables often revolved around the tragic events in the house and the headline-grabbing trial. "There was a lot of spab, but there are already curious people and some who have approached us directly about the rats", tells cinel.

The coburg health department also carried out an inspection last week due to the discussions about possible rats in the basement of the building. Without result. "However, the office recommended that we hire an official pest control company to prepare an expert opinion", cinel says.

Confirmed in writing
The company heb from sonneberg came and now confirmed to the two restaurateurs that no rodent infestation could be found in the cellar, the adjoining buildings or the guesthouse. Cinel: "now we have in writing what we knew anyway." Food was not allowed to be stored in the cellar at all. And the warehouse in the old guardhouse, where the LKA had also carried out shooting tests in order to prove whether rats had possibly been shot there before, is only used as a storage space for furniture, wood and umbrellas.

Since january cinel and caudar run the restaurant mediterran. Since 2010, the neustadter muhammet cinel is interested in the local. "It was exactly what I was looking for!" But when he applied for it, eva-maria schad had just finished the "papisa" there opened.

After it was closed last fall, cinel applied again and was awarded the contract. The circumstances of the closure did not disturb the new owners. "We simply started from scratch", says cinel, who is very satisfied with the development and proudly shows his book with the daily reservations.
Upstairs in the attic, in the apartment where in october last year ulrich S. Shot his wife marie, the two live in the same house. "For us, that's no problem. We know neither perpetrators nor victims. So they have no connection to it, says muhammet cinel and willingly shows us the scene of the crime.

They also bought some furniture from eva-maria schad. This includes the kitchen, the dining room and the canopy bed in the former bedroom.

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