Anna maria muhe likes fashion of the past

Anna maria muhe likes fashion of the past

Actress anna maria muhe ("the new era") finds the feminine fashion of the postwar period already ? But would not like to swap.

"The clothing of the forties was still quite restrained, both in the colors and in the cuts. I liked the fashion of the fifties in our film, when there are costumes for women that they just look good in," the 34-year-old told the german press agency about her shooting for the event three-parter "our wonderful years" in the first.

Cinematically, it was great fun for all the actors to wear these clothes. The dressing room always helps a lot to feel into a role. But the TV star added: "nevertheless, in private I was glad in the evening when I could slip into my jeans again."

Along with colleagues such as katja riemann, elisa schlott, thomas sarbacher and hans-jochen wagner, muhe is part of the team for the film based on the first part of the bestselling novel of the same name by peter prange. The author describes the post-war period in west and east germany in connection with the introduction of the deutschmark. The broadcasting start of the three-part in the first is on wednesday at 20.15 o’clock.

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