Atsv gymnasts do “air jumps

Atsv gymnasts do 'air jumps

Starting, jumping and a whole series of jumping elements in a row – one flick-flack and somersault after the other can be admired during the training of the ATSV gymnasts in the school gymnasium. That the sporting offspring of the gymnastics and sports club can now – in the truest sense of the word – do even more “air jumps” is thanks to a so-called airtrack track. So that the girls do not have to “take off” and “fly now even lighter and training makes even rougher spab. The airtrack is a gymnastics apparatus filled with air and covered with a smooth mat material, whose springy effect or elastic surface is supposed to improve the jumping power and at the same time reduce the risk of injury.

The gymnasts of the ATSV kronach were at the german gymnastics festival in berlin at whitsun 2017. There, they once again successfully participated in competitions and, among other things, were able to train for the first time on so-called airtrack runways. The mats resemble a rough air cushion and also have a resemblance to a giant air mattress at first glance. A major advantage of the airtrack is that all jumps can be executed several times in a row. Without any risk new jumps can be learned and challenging techniques can be learned. Quick assembly and disassembly, mobile use, a small storage area and a wide range of possible uses are also features of this conveyor.

"The airtrack helps to learn the movement of a gymnastics element – for example flick-flack or somersault. The gymnasts are relieved of the fear of injury because the mat is much softer than a normal gymnastics mat. On the other hand, a substantial support is achieved in the bounce", explain ina esser and nadine schnappauf, the exercise leaders and coaches of the ATSV gymnastics team. This makes the mat ideal for trying out new jumps and routines or learning new techniques before practicing the new element on the floor runner.

The ATSV gymnasts in berlin were so enthusiastic about the possibilities of the airtrack track that the club, under the chairmanship of wolfgang schiller and his deputy silke woletz-bauer, has now decided to purchase such a track. Because it was agreed that any investment in improving the training conditions and the safety of the gymnasts was money well spent. The girls are very excited and highly motivated to learn new jumps and exercises or to perfect what they have already learned. "The railroad bounces really great. It makes it much easier to try out new jumps", according to the unanimous tenor.

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