Bad bocklet wants to introduce bonus card

Bad bocklet wants to introduce bonus card

The tourist office of the municipality of bad bocklet is looking for new ways of marketing. The results of recent board decisions were presented by association chairman martin eisenmann to the ten members who attended the annual general meeting at the laudensack restaurant, along with an equal number of guests.

"Bad bocklet must become more modern", the chairman began his annual report. The biggest problem, however, is that the interests and tasks of the various member companies are far apart. This "heterogeneous diversity it seems almost impossible to bring together small and large guest houses, four-star hotels and rehabilitation clinics, restaurants and retail stores under one common denominator.

That’s why the board of directors first decided to have a uniform corporate design created for the market community in its corporate identity. In the spring, four advertising agencies were invited to an exchange of ideas in order to design an overarching, uniform layout for both the annual brochure published by the spa association and the internet pages for which the town hall is responsible, as well as a common logo. After detailed discussions, the board decided to hand over the production of the annual brochure to the municipality and the subsidiary company staatsbad gmbh, managed by spa director thomas beck, in order to create this uniform image.

Mayor andreas sandwall (CSU), who is also a shareholder of the state spa and tourism company bad bocklet gmbh, informed the members of the spa association, however, that the brochure for 2019 will still be published according to the old model, as the preparation time for new features was too short. Only from 2020 this will be possible, after the municipality has now started work with the agency HD7B medien from konigsberg (district of habberge), which was selected among the applicants.

The mayor adds that it is important to integrate a tourism page into the municipal website in a sensible way. The online marketing and the later following online bookability is mandatory as a tourist location. "We may be the smallest state-owned spa, but we also have a lot to offer." Sandwall therefore praised the board for its decision: "the spa association is an old association and must reinvent itself again and again."

Sandwall supported, as did the spa director, the idea presented by eisenmann of a new, more far-reaching bonus card with discounts from many local and regional suppliers, along the lines of the konigscard issued to guests in the allgau region. After the association "gave away its most important marketing instrument" by handing over the annual brochure to the community according to the chairman, the development of such a card "could be a unique selling point in the rhon" this could be an important task for the association, since such a bonus card would be of equal interest to all member businesses, from vacation apartments to four-star hotels to rehabilitation clinics, as well as to all service providers offering discounts. Eisenmann: "no guest from bad bocklet is reached more easily and more precisely."

The chairman saw a further advantage in the fact that all those involved in the bonus card had to be or become members of the spa association. The hope is to increase the number of members of the kurverein, which today has 40. Not only is there a lack of active members in the association, there was also no candidate for the previous treasurer, matthias schmitt, by the time of the annual general meeting. That’s why the board postponed the regular elections until 21 december. Marz. Until then, the board of the association, which is only acting provisionally, will continue to develop the idea of the bonus card.

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