Bamberg’s offer to the brose group

Bamberg's offer to the brose group

It is to be built next to the airport. For it the 1999 finished park and ride pallet at the breitenau had to be broken off. Bamberg airfield also facing far-reaching renewal.

"I don't think there is a city in germany that is about to be swallowed up with 500 new jobs." Andreas stark is electrified. For weeks now, the SPD mayor, who was re-elected in march, has been preparing the largest business settlement that the city on the river regnitz has seen in recent decades.

It's about brose, the global automotive supplier from coburg, and its plans to build a center of excellence for at least 500 jobs in the bamberg region.

Reconstruction costs in the amount of eleven million euros

Two days before the brose shareholders' meeting decides on the new construction plans, bamberg's city council on tuesday received concrete documents for the first time on how and where such an increase in business could take place in the narrowly defined city area. The administrative bill not only includes the sale of a seven-hectare plot of land at bamberger breitenau. It also includes the relocation of the TSV-eintracht sports facilities, a relocation of the plarrer, the extensive rejuvenation of the bamberg airfield, the underground cabling of a power line and the demolition of the park and ride facility that has existed since 1999.

All in all, the various measures to which brose's settlement in bamberg is linked will cost bamberg eleven million euros. The city council is to pass a resolution today, in a closed session, on whether it is prepared to say yes to this project.

Brose was the city's third-largest taxpayer

Lord mayor stark has no doubt that the board will go along with his proposal despite the high cost of the investment. The positive consequences for bamberg are overwhelming from his point of view. According to a conservative estimate, the possible location of a brose administrative center should bring bamberg additional annual trade tax revenues of two million euros. Brose would then be the city's third-largest taxpayer. The increase in jobs and burgers is also expected to have a positive impact on income tax, boost purchasing power and strengthen the regional economy.

"The future perspective justifies every effort on the part of the city. We are also prepared to push ourselves to the limit", said bamberg's city mayor on tuesday. Strong argument: bamberg did not have to take on new debt for planned investments. The year 2011 brought a surprising surplus of over four million euros, which the finance senate put into a reserve on tuesday; in addition, the red pencil is to be applied to various projects.

The plans for the brose competence center at the bamberg airfield will not be finalized until they are approved by the brose shareholders' meeting on thursday. If the owners give the go-ahead, the deal is to be sealed at the notary's on friday.

In coburg, the possible relaunch in bamberg is viewed with mixed feelings. In a location analysis between coburg, wurzburg and bamberg, the 41.City with a population of 000 gets the short end of the stick. "Where we have influence as a municipality, we will work for improvements. It's not up to us when it comes to highways and ICE stops", said city hall spokesman michael selzer.

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