Better to shine in the bavarian league

Better to shine in the bavarian league

Annika brezina and hsv bergtheim finished the last round as champions of the women’s handball bavarian league. There was a big celebration, but the club took the precaution of foregoing the promotion. In view of her club’s refusal to try again in germany’s third-highest division, annika brezina has conflicting thoughts. "If you’re always getting your ass kicked, you’ll eventually run out of steam. We went along with it the year before last," she says, showing understanding for the abandonment. Especially since it had been clear that some of the players from the bergtheim squad, which was not exactly well-staffed anyway, would have to stop playing handball for this round.

From another point of view, the term "third division" alone arouses the interest of the ambitious handball player." Of course it’s appealing," she says. But it was not feasible for the club under the circumstances, adds the 23-year-old from volkach. The players themselves had also realized this. "If anything, we want to keep up playfully. But that wouldn’t have been possible, we hadn’t seen any light," brezina admits. Already two years ago the enterprise regional league – with better conditions at that time – had proved to be a number too roughly for bergtheim.

Brezina answered the question of whether the difference was really so great compared to the bavarian league with a resounding yes. "Physically, playfully and also in terms of tempo, it’s a whole different ball game," explains the trained bank clerk. Even now it is sometimes stressful for her to balance work and training. Twice a week handball in bergtheim, in addition once fitness, mostly in wurzburg, there hardly remains time on the training days between desk and gymnasium to breathe once correctly.

At HSV bergtheim, annika brezina has long felt at home. The nimble eagle player is in her fifth season there, together with sandra hammerlein, also from volkach and of the same age, who is entering her third season for the club. On the first day of the game, when the bergtheimer women lost 16-22 in the fichtelgebirge, the two were still the most successful scorers for their team, scoring five and six goals respectively.

Whether brezina sees herself as an achiever? "Maybe so," she says, "but that’s for others to judge."For example your trainer – wolfgang kreisel has been active in bergtheim for 29 years. He knows what he has in the nimble, strong and technical handballer, whom he mostly uses in her favorite position – on the left wing. "The trainer likes to change. I have also played on the center or on the circle. It also depends on what our personnel situation is like," says brezina. She has no problem with the rochaden.

How to assess her team in this season, she does not know yet so well. Finally, there have been some changes in the squad of players. Claudia pfleger and kristina bils are gone, wiebke vinke will not be available again until october, and carolin roth, who also comes from volkach, still wants to play blob occasionally. "I think we will be in the middle of the table. But you never know what else will happen with us. If we’re complete by october, we’ll have a good team," said brezina.

A strong team – that’s also what their saturday opponent, TV etwashausen, has, who started their fourth round in the bayernliga with a win in taufkirchen. "T is not surprising that the stashause women have established themselves in the class. They have worked well, they have a good coach, they have earned it."Says brezina. So far, bergtheim has always won the games, but that could change in this duel. "I wasn’t going to print a trane if it didn’t work out for us," annika brezina says modestly. Who will end up further ahead in the standings? "The way it looks now, sthashausen," she says. Whether that is not a bit too much of modesty?

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