Builders in the kronach district invest 23 million euros

builders in the kronach district invest 23 million euros

From single apartments to bungalows – 79 new apartments were built in the district of kronach last year, 34 of them in detached and semi-detached houses. This is pointed out by the housing association, which includes the IG bau construction union and the construction industry. The alliance bases its figures on the current construction balance of completed residential buildings from the federal statistics office.

In total, the builders in the district of kronach have invested 23 million euros in the construction of new apartments in the past year. "That sounds a lot. But in fact there had to be more if the federal government's housing offensive was to succeed. Building affordable housing is the only effective response to rising rents and high property prices, which are also affecting bavaria", says hans beer (IG bau) of the housing association.

Bar not reached

A total of less than 285,000 new apartments were built nationwide last year. Yet the grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD has set a completely different benchmark: 1.5 million new apartments nationwide by 2021 – i.E. 375,000 per year. "This means,
new housing construction already had to increase by a whopping 32 percent this year. So far, however, this does not seem to be the case either in bavaria or nationwide", according to beer, the regional head of IG bau in franconia.

The housing association is therefore calling on the federal government, the state of bavaria and the municipalities to become more active. Especially for the affordable housing. "Much more needs to be done for social housing in particular. Likewise for the construction of new housing where people can afford the rent", according to beer.

Home ownership in the kronach district must also finally be effectively demanded again. "More people need to be able to afford their own four walls again – from bricklayers to industrial clerks. Craftsmen who build apartments should also be able to buy their own apartment", according to the alliance housing. The chancellor has announced that six billion euros will be made available for housing construction by 2021 – that is, 1.5 billion euros per year. But at least four billion euros a year were actually needed.

"There are social explosives in the housing shortage and rising rents. The construction of new social housing in particular threatens to be a disaster if the federal government does not invest proper money in this area, warns beer. The federal government must now provide "turbo impetus" for new housing construction give. This would require additional demand money and more tax incentives.

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