Wolf schmidt: the art of contemplation

Wolf schmidt: the art of contemplation

Everyone knows the hypnotic landscape paintings of caspar david friedrich – romantic painting par excellence, created with meticulously applied craftsmanship. Not all modern artists cultivate these old-fashioned techniques; indeed, after the second world war, realistic, representational art generally fell into disrepute.

Such considerations hardly play a role for wolf schmidt; he keeps away from the discourse of art theory. Realism is practically in the genes of the sudbadener born in 1948. For the architect with a doctorate, any dream images and unworldly abstractions were probably an imposition. And so in his own work he sticks to familiar subjects and preserved procedures – and thus in a kind of retro art again creates surprising visionary experiences.

Schmidt creates the beautiful. Beauty has no purpose. And yet some of his watercolors have served the preservation of beauty. When the master builder came to bamberg in 1980 after studying and spending time abroad, he was employed by the state office for the preservation of historical monuments in western lower franconia, z.B. Karlstadt, competent. The fronts between homeowners and their authorities were hardened. His paintings, anticipations of the final view, convinced the owners of problematic renovation cases to try renovation – and they, like the preservationists, were satisfied.


The spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

the spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

"There is no such thing as bad weather…", an old saying that is preserved on the waldbuhne almost yearly. With blankets and pillows in their packs, the spectators arrived again this year and did not let the cold spoil their good mood.

With folk music and dialect jokes, the werrataler blasmusikanten set the mood for the premiere. Friedhelm wolfert, chairman of the heimatverein, buried the "trotz-public", defying the weather, the market and fubball. The dress rehearsal on friday evening took place in pouring rain, the guests were spared the wet from above this evening.

Not only the club had shown a lucky hand with the choice of the amusement game, but even more so director michal sykora with the cast of the roles. Mario forster clearly took the cake as the choleric mustrich manufacturer ludwig klinke. The movement, mimicry and gestures he produced on stage were ripe for professional theater.


What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

Station districts, at least in large cities, usually have an air of dinginess and disrepute. Some more or less illegal trades had been established in the area. Deutsche bahn has invested millions over the past few years to renovate and refurbish train stations. Buildings have been renovated, some converted into shopping centers with restaurants and cafes. The toilet facilities were renovated. There will be cleanliness and security – patrols by security services and the railroad police.

It’s different in the country. There, train stations are often left to themselves and thus to decay, replaced by ticket machines, privatized or used for other purposes, such as in trebgast by the diakonie, in untersteinach by a restaurant, or in kulmbach by the youth center.

Stadtsteinach has never been a real railroad station for passenger transport. In the post-war period, however, it was possible to take the commuter train from untersteinach, sometimes as far as kulmbach. The railroad line is still used today for transporting ballast from the stadtsteinach quarry if necessary. At the stadtsteinach terminus, an aging loading tower is used for this purpose.


100 Seconds of coupling

100 seconds of coupling

The pruflings have 100 seconds to couple the individual parts of the suction line together and then attach the safety line. This test is only passed after the dry suction test, which shows whether all couplings are tightly sealed. 23 firefighters from waldfenster took part in the loschangriff performance test. They all passed.

From the age of 16 and with completed firefighter training, firefighters can take part in the performance examinations offered, explained thomas straub, commander of the waldfenster volunteer fire department. They are divided into six levels of difficulty. In the first two levels, only construction, knots and stitches are tested, level three also includes vehicle knowledge. In level four, the trainees have to know first aid and in level five they have to know the meaning of dangerous substances. In the most difficult level six, ten test questions about operations, fire department law and the structure of the fire department had to be answered.

The performance test is offered every two years. The candidates had the opportunity to practice intensively for ten days with the commanders thomas straub and steffen schade and to prepare themselves for the exam. According to straub, this offer had been well received.


The best secret tips for italy vacationers – what a venetian from nurnberg recommends

The best secret tips for italy vacationers - what a venetian from nurnberg recommends

Where tourists push their way through the streets, alessandra brisotto doesn’t feel at home. She hasn’t been to venice’s markus square for years, says the venetian-born actress. "This is just too crowded for me. But I love venice." Just like her adopted hometown of nurnberg, where the 47-year-old has lived for the past five years. Both cities are closely connected. She talks about the mercantile bureaus that patrician families from nuremberg used to keep in venice and about the marcuslowe, a symbol of venice that still exists in some places in nuremberg. Alessandra brisotto makes city tours of nurnberg. She writes and teaches. She is an artist and clever small businesswoman, because she earns her money only with things that make her money: "on my language tours we visit artists, friends of mine. And we go to places that no one knows here in germany."

Off to the italian middle ages

That can be hubsche dorfer, but also cultural monuments. Rome, naples, florence – culture abounds in italy, but few know matera in the basilicata region. "It is a world heritage site, says brisotto and tells about the old town, which consists in large part of hollow settlements. She also recommends ascoli piceno in the marche region to city travelers: "a very beautiful medieval town"." Every august the "giostra della quintana" takes place there a horse show that dates back to the middle ages. Brisotto uses her smartphone to search the internet for photos of the historic hikes that most of the residents wear with them. "Look: great!"

The magic of the marche region

The italian also finds the area around ascoli, the nature and the light in the region marks "magical". She doesn’t understand why so many germans go to tuscany. "The hills in the marche are beautiful, the sea is great, the food is great, there are small villages, medieval towns and it’s not expensive." Brands is brisotto’s secret tip.


Good view of the lunar eclipse: “a little nibbled”

good view of the lunar eclipse: 'a little nibbled'

Even in the high altitudes of the low mountains, hobby astronomers had a clear view. The moon had a slightly grayish, blurred shadow on the upper left half, reported jost jahn of the sternfreunde association. The earth satellite had looked like "a bit nibbled". From 21.52 o’clock the moon moved a bit far into the shadow of the earth. At the maximum of the lunar eclipse at 22.07 o’clock it was eclipsed to just under two percent. Even with the naked eye the eclipse was visible.

"The moon was still quite low in our sky," said bjorn voss, director of the planetarium at the LWL museum of natural history in munster, germany. "If it stands higher, the chance is greater that it will shine through between the clouds."The astronomical event was interesting, but not really spectacular, said the astronomer.

In a partial lunar eclipse, the sun, earth and moon stand behind each other, but the moon only partially dips into the earth’s umbra. In a total lunar eclipse, on the other hand, it is completely obscured.


On the way on crib trails in franconia

on the way on crib trails in franconia

Franconia is proud of its long tradition of nativity scene building and of its increasingly popular nativity scene trails. Especially after the hustle and bustle of a visit to a christmas market, a visit to some of the crib stations can bring peace to the viewer – the meaning of christmas then comes back to the forefront a little more. St. Franc of assisi is considered to be the inventor, so to speak, of the representation of the christmas event. In 1223, instead of a sermon, he reenacted the birth of christ with living animals and people.

Today’s christmas cribs, however, have a much older tradition, dating back to early christianity. At that time, however, the representations only showed the baby jesus in the manger, together with the ox and the donkey. The figure of mary was only added in the middle ages, saint joseph was remembered later for the manger display. Today in many cribs are recreated whole landscapes. The story goes from advent to the feast of the epiphany, from scenes from the life of jesus to the three wise men from the east.

In the meantime, visitors can admire the most diverse representations of the christmas story on the french crib trails. On the bamberger krippenweg there are over 400 representations at a total of 40 stations. Not only in bamberger churches, but also in museums and on squares of the old town. It is said to be the longest nativity scene in germany. Whereby some stations are particularly recommendable.


Simon winkler – in action on and off the field

Simon winkler - in action on and off the field

Far too few people find their way to refereeing, the lack of young talent is a major problem. There are many ways. The one from landesliga referee simon winkler looked like this: "my neighbor michael schneider trained at don bosco in the youth. I was there most of the time." But winkler developed less of a passion for kicking the ball himself "but i always paid attention to the referee and was more interested in this task."

And he has been performing this task since march 2008 "after the DJK chairman at the time, sepper ultsch, gave me andreas oppelt’s contact information." At the time, winkler was one of around 60 participants in his new course, a number that is now unimaginable. Already there, he attracted the attention of district chairman gunther reitzner "because he was extremely attentive and read every word from his lips."

Departure on the festival meadow

"I was in charge of my first men’s game at the stadion-festwiese, my supervisor, whom every newcomer gets to know, was alfred pflefka", he remembers his beginnings. From this taster became a tangible and very time-consuming hobby. "Since then, I have never once felt that this is nothing or that this is no longer for me", he is still passionate about his work. And with success. For his ten-year "service anniversary he was awarded the golden whistle for his hard work for the group on and off the field. Never was a more honored youngster than the 26-year-old.


Guided tour of the green hospital

Guided tour of the green hospital

Bright rooms with a beautiful view, automatically dimmed lights and underfloor heating – no, we're not talking about a hotel here, but about the new clinic in lichtenfels. At today's burgerfest, visitors can take their first look at the new building. "But don't be alarmed, we are still in the construction phase.", warns county councilor christian meibner (CSU). One day before the official tour, he presents the green hospital together with construction coordinator tristan rinker and hospital director eva gill. At the inauguration, meibner can breathe a sigh of relief: "we've got our work cut out for us, but i can say that we're satisfied with the quality and may even undercut the construction costs." About 80 million these.

Everyone should feel comfortable

Patients should feel comfortable during their stay at the clinic. There are a total of 276 beds and four double wards, with one ward containing 32 beds. These are divided into double and single rooms. According to eva gill, there will definitely be no triple rooms or beds in the corridor here. "When the hospital is full, it is full", confirms the district administrator. And that is also in the interest of the patient.

Japanese interested in "green hospital
with a new screen at the bed, a gentle view of nature and an automatic light system, the stay should be as pleasant as possible. The fully automatic light system turns on at wake-up time, with a soft, dimmed light. "The light builds up automatically, it corresponds to the natural rhythm of daylight and also adapts to it", says gill. In addition, he said, there was a warm. The builder was skeptical at first. Because so far, he said, there is no clinic that has this system in place. "As a builder, you're naturally worried", he confesses. These have meanwhile faded away: "an automatic feel-good atmosphere is created."


Rosler wants to call for solar energy short

Rosler wants to call for solar energy short

"In the long run, this will break the system and is not sustainable," said the minister. A reform of the law requiring the development of energy from the sun, wind or biomass had only come into force in january. This area is not part of rosler’s remit for the energy turnaround – federal environment minister norbert rottgen (CDU) is responsible.

Rosler is now advocating abandoning the fixed feed-in tariffs guaranteed for 20 years under the german renewable energies act (EEG). Instead, the minister wants to oblige utilities to supply a certain portion of their electricity from renewable sources. You could choose the form of production. This quantity model will draw out efficiency competition, rosler said.

Until now, eco-energy producers have received fixed payments per kilowatt hour of electricity. The difference between the prices obtained on the market for electricity and the remuneration is paid by consumers through the levy on the price of electricity. For an average household, the demand costs currently account for about 125 to 130 euros.