Coarse (arty) blowing

coarse (arty) blowing

Jesserndorf – new orleans, chicago, new york – or bamberg and jesserndorf. The world can be so close when it comes to good music!
The "big wabbit band" headquartered in bamberg, she presented her business card in the ceramics workshop of the ebern district and captivated the audience with professionally performed big band jazz.
It is a pity that only a few listeners came to this excursion into the "somewhat different world" love brass band music, where the beat is not set by polka and march, but by groove, improvisation and spontaneous interaction.
The 18 musicians around bandleader matthias zippel (also saxophone) presented themselves as masters of swing, offbeat and drive. The group plays everything from contemporary big band jazz to blues, rock, jazz and latin. And if you like, you can even dance to a jazzy waltz.
The "wabbits let yourself be carried away by pat metheny into the world of bebop and free jazz. With pieces by chris walden, they prove that jazz of the finest quality can also be "made in germany" or underline with arrangements by gordon goodwin how brilliant modern ensemble music from the 21st century can be. The sound of the nineteenth century.
The enthusiasm of the musicians, who travel from all over france to perform, is infectious. They got the groove, and each virtuoso solo was gratefully applauded. The "wabbits" shine as a unified, but also well-rehearsed unit shine with their symphonic arrangements and the sovereign interplay between quiet, soulful passages and the full big band sound.

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