Commemoration of the pogrom of 1938

The culture and social affairs group of agenda 21 of the city of baiersdorf invites you to the commemoration of the pogrom of 9. November 1938 with a walk of remembrance through the israelite cemetery in baiersdorf.
The tour with horst gemeinhardt (director of studies a.D., historian, city leader) begins on thursday, 9. November, at judengasse 14 at the sparkasse, the former site of the synagogue and the rabbi’s house, to address the fundamental questions of the existence of a jewish community in baiersdorf.
The tour continues in the cemetery itself, the "good place" the ashkenazi tradition, where it is necessary to "make the stones speak". Here male visitors are asked to wear a head covering. It is located in the center of the city, unlike the french countryside. He is old (15. Century) as the "house of eternity" to furth, was the district cemetery of the margraviate land rabbinate as well as the episcopal and imperial knighthood surroundings. Here you will find graves of famous citizens of mitburg, but also sad fates such as a woman who died in childbirth and children’s graves. Note the orientation of the graves "to the west", namely to the former synagogue. The scientific survey and documentation by the institute for jewish studies, which has been in progress since 2013, is presented in a progress report.

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