Confirmed in office: markus soder remains minister president in bavaria

confirmed in office: markus soder remains minister president in bavaria

Bavaria’s new minister president is the old one: as expected, the bavarian state parliament in munich re-elected markus soder as head of the state government. The CSU politician received 110 votes in favor, 89 against and three abstentions in tuesday’s secret ballot. He thus achieved the necessary simple majority of the 202 valid votes cast in the first round of voting.

With the election on 23. The day after the state election, the state parliament appointed the new head of government more quickly than required by the constitution. This had happened at the latest on 12. November must take place. The state parliament consists of six parliamentary groups and 205 deputies. The coalition of CSU and free voters has 112 votes, but on tuesday one CSU deputy was missing.

Soder since march prime minister

Soder was elected prime minister for the first time in march. Seven months ago, he succeeded CSU leader horst seehofer, who moved to berlin as federal interior minister. At that time, only the CSU delegates voted for him; the party still had an absolute majority in the state parliament.

Even before the election of the prime minister, the new parliamentary groups had their first debate. While the CSU and free voters defended their new coalition as a guarantor of stability and sustainable development in bavaria, the opposition came down hard on black-orange.

After the election of the minister president, the state parliament has another important stage ahead of it: on 12. November, soders ministers and secretaries of state are to be appointed and sworn in in parliament. The three ministries of education, the environment, and economics, energy and regional development were elected by the free voters.

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