Creative women present themselves at “per la donna

creative women present themselves at

"Per la donna" – already the name sounds like music. Behind the melodious name is a local show of around 30 freelance women from the region. More than five years ago, they got together as the "circle of creative women" to meet regularly and exchange experiences.

One idea that came up at these meetings was to organize a performance show to demonstrate what women's power is capable of achieving. 21 small businesswomen attended the first show in markt einersheim at the schutzenhaus. In the meantime the number has grown to over 30. "Per la donna" has grown up, so to speak, and last sunday the exhibition took place for the second time in the multipurpose hall in mainbernheim.

Visitors were invited to stroll, look and browse for the new and the familiar. Around 600 guests accepted the invitation. At the individually decorated stands, visitors received advice and information on floristry, travel, silk painting, naturopathy, fashion and jewelry, hairstyling and cosmetics, hand-sewn table linens, physiotherapy and much more.

The guests do not like to be asked for long. At lunchtime the hall began to fill up visibly. Among other things, there were homemade cakes, demonstrations, a lecture on the topic of "this is how I want to live" and, as a special activity, a tombola. The main prize was a wellness weekend with three overnight stays for two persons. The proceeds of the raffle will go to the mainbernheim association school. 

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