David weib is the best stove builder nationwide

david weib is the best stove builder nationwide

In the skilled trades, a practical performance competition is held every year throughout germany. Participation is open to young craftsmen and women who are under 25 years of age and who have at least achieved a good score in the practical part of their journeyman’s examination. The competition is occupation-based and takes place at regional level in the first stage. The first-place teams then compete at the national level.

Last monday, president of the chamber of handicrafts thomas zimmer and chief executive officer of the chamber of handicrafts thomas koller visited the company dotschel to congratulate david weib personally. "There is always a need for young people in the trade who have a lot of motivation and who fight for the trade, according to thomas koller. In an interview with our site spoke to david weib about his plans for the future and the trade of stove setting.

Why did you decide on this training??
This was pure coincidence. I was looking for an internship and applied at dotschel. I enjoyed the work from the beginning and after the end of the internship I was offered an apprenticeship directly by the company dotschel.

What is the special challenge?
The work is very varied, never boring, but particularly creative. You learn different crafts like bricklaying and plastering. Often, due to space constraints and customer requests, spontaneous changes have to be made. It’s always a challenge.

What are your plans for the future??
I was able to successfully pass my master’s examination at first. When i am done in 2014, the rest will surely fall into place.

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