Debate about bike paths

In the discussion there were not too many, but not unimportant points, first of all the bike lanes. Some grobenbracher criticized the equipment of the cycle paths, especially in the area of the saalebrucken, where the roadway has become even narrower than before due to the installation of edge deflectors for the bridge collar. Mayor andreas sandwall could not promise a quick remedy, partly due to lack of competence, but he referred to a new bike path concept of the municipality between kleinbrach and hohn, which is currently in progress. There the criticism could be reflected in concrete realizations.

The newly designated route for mountain bikers between nudlingen and aschach, which also touches grobenbrach, was the subject of some quite emotional discussion. Some saw the freedom of pedalers in danger, others the interests of nature conservation and hunting leaseholders. No agreement in sight.

Two times traffic circle

The term "spinning top appeared twice: the rewe group wants to build a full-range supermarket at the aschach traffic circle. Sandwall spoke of a one-time chance. Some grobenbracher were worried about the continued existence of the penny store (which belongs to the rewe group). But this is a decision of the customers. The other traffic circle already existed, the "lego traffic circle, which enabled construction access during the construction period at L&S. The grobenbracher and the burgermeister were happy to have him back for good. But the tram construction office turns a deaf ear. Sandwall: "there are probably still some discussions to be had." A referendum was a very last option.

The maintenance of the communal grounds in front of the private properties, the capacity for urn graves in the cemetery, the "grass grid" were also discussed-project and the possibility of a "ramadama to be carried out. And finally mario humpfer came forward: he will no longer be available for the municipal elections. 

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