Each piece is available for 150 cents

Each piece is available for 150 cents

For the fourth time, the bavarian red cross, habberge district association, together with more than 100 red cross clothing stores in bavaria, is organizing an open house on tuesday, 8. May (world red cross day), under the motto "rediscover valuable materials" the "day of the store" campaign. With this day, the red cross is also making a plea for sustainability and social cohesion, as can be seen from a message from the habberge district association of the bavarian red cross (BRK).

For more environmental awareness

"We are making an important contribution to slowing the depletion of raw materials. The issues of sustainability and environmental awareness are of great social importance and are at the same time positive features of our BRK clothing store, and they perform an important function as a social meeting place for our society", emphasizes BRK vice president, brigitte meyer.
According to a study, each german buys about 60 new pieces of clothing per year. For example, increased carrying time reduces carbon dioxide emissions. "In order to reduce plastic consumption, we ask our customers to bring their own plastic bags or tote bags. Apart from that, customers can also purchase self-made recycled tutes made by the participants of the production school", says the head of the production school of the BRK-kreisverband habberge, karina hauck.
The topic of sustainability and environmental awareness is a positive feature of the BRK- kleiderladen and especially of the production school habberge. The clothing store of the production school, the first in bavaria, was opened in 2005.

For young people

Since 2005, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who have not yet developed their own career prospects and have not yet found an apprenticeship or a job have been learning under professional guidance how to produce, sell and market marketable goods and services at the production school. Working hours and activities are based on everyday industrial working life. In addition to gaining qualifications through practical and theoretical training, production school students have the opportunity to expand and consolidate their knowledge and skills in general education and life skills learning modules, and to obtain their basic secondary school certificate or the qualifying secondary school certificate.
The places at the habberge production school will be filled by the habberge job center and the habberge district youth welfare office, according to the red cross. On world red cross day, the store on the land of the BRK district association in habfurt (industriestrabe 20) is open from 9 a.M. To 4 p.M. All parts cost 150 cents.

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