Energy in your own hands

Energy in your own hands

Marco meissner a glance at his cell phone is followed by a satisfied smile. The blue rectangles on the display show pleasing figures for the fischer family. Although the sun is overcast at times, the solar system on the roof delivers a good amount of electricity. Jurgen fischer uses an app to keep a close eye on everything: how much energy is being produced and where it’s going.

The fischers need electricity from their solar system for their own use. Even the heating of the old house runs with it. And because they need cheap energy on the one hand, but don’t want to put an unnecessary burden on nature on the other, they have taken a new path. Jurgen, beate and their son tobias fischer are the 500. In upper franconia, which relies on a special storage and network system from the company sonnen. Its storage tank supplies it with "green" energy around the clock electricity; the network helps you and the other members to overcome weak phases. "I’ve been interested in photovoltaics for ten years", explains jurgen fischer. However, the unfavorable orientation of his house had initially prevented him from investing in a solar system. Through a musician colleague he then became aware of sonnen.

Low space requirement

Modern solar modules that work well even in bad weather, as well as a battery solution in the basement that takes up little space, love him a rethink. The system is "rounded off by an intelligent network". Over it uberproduktionen of a member can be passed on to others, with which the energy production straight smaller fails. And sonnen, for its part, can park electricity in the members’ storage facilities so that excess production is not lost. Jurgen fischer also has these energy movements in front of him at all times via app.

"If everything goes according to plan, the investment should pay for itself in ten to twelve years", he estimates. Remarkable, given that he has spent a good five-figure sum on the plant. "Even if politicians don’t want it, rising electricity prices are to be expected", added tobias fischer. That’s why the family is already planning the next step. 32 solar modules are currently installed. This does not have to be the end. "We are toying with the idea of expanding the plant", says jurgen fischer. In the long run, this would save more money, conserve fossil fuels and, on top of all that, "ease the green conscience".

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