Feulersdorf: there has been a row about the malting plant

Feulersdorf: there has been a row about the malting plant

There was a heated atmosphere at the castle meeting in feulersdorf, where information was provided on the plans of the nutzel malting plant in draisendorf (district of forchheim), which is looking for a site to expand its operations – and has its sights set on land in the vicinity of the coarse malt farm that has been built on the outskirts of the wonsees district. Boss matthias nutzel wants to build a painter’s shop and a rosterei there.

Only the people of feulersdorf were invited to the event, and they were informed of the possible plan by matthias nutzel and mayor andreas pohner (CSU). But, as the head of the community said yesterday when asked, a few people had vehemently opposed the project. There was "flashing and shooting" in the village hall, but in the end "a cleansing storm" given.

Matthias nutzel made it clear that he wants to build a malting and roasting plant. He had various locations in mind, but the preferred site was in the community of wonsees, since the necessary infrastructure was already there and it was "the most cost-effective solution for us was. The reasons for this are the natural gas pipeline, which already runs to the gemuse farm, and the wastewater disposal system, which has already been secured by the imminent construction of the pumping station with a pressure pipeline via fesselsdorf to weismain.

What can a village of 50 souls tolerate?

How much business can the village of 50 people support?? If the malting plant comes to fruition, will there be other companies settling there as a result?? What level of odor and larvae can be expected?? How heavy will truck traffic be? Questions that some people from feulersdorf ask themselves and that are the reason why some people reject the project. On the other hand, there are also supporters who see additional jobs and tax revenue for the community.

Mayor pohner made it clear in the village hall that wonsees does not have its own commercial area and that there is no alternative site that could be offered to the malting plant. The settlement near feulersdorf would be a unique opportunity for the community, which is one of the municipalities in the county with the lowest trade tax revenues.

BR has learned that the malting plant is looking not only at the site near feulersdorf, but also at alternative sites near hollfeld and in kasendorf and weismain.

Rough distance

The draisendorf company will definitely build, says the mayor. If the project near feulersdorf is realized, care will be taken to ensure that the rough distance to residential areas is maintained in order to keep the impact as low as possible. Pohner assured that after the malting plant there would be no further operation.

Yesterday, in response to a question, malting boss matthias nutzel stated that the new building would of course meet the requirements of the federal immission control act. The most modern filtering systems have been installed. At the headquarters in draisendorf, there were no complaints about an odor or larvae contamination, he said. "We are clean and low noise." 50 to 70 lorries a day would not drive to feulersdorf, as was said in the village hall. 15 trucks per day are to be expected, with up to 30 in the event of a possible later expansion of the plant.

There will be a second meeting

The meeting lasted over four hours, after which there were still many unanswered questions. According to andreas pohner, a concrete location for the company is now to be considered. The topic will be discussed again at a second meeting of the airport’s board of directors, said pohner, who hopes for an objective discussion. He hopes to convince the majority of the people of feulersdorf that the company should settle here. If there is still vehement opposition, the project will be abandoned: "we don’t want to leave behind scorched earth in feulersdorf."

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