Filming at neuenmarkt station

filming at neuenmarkt station

Harald schieber dons the green uniform and puts on the mug. Although he is looking forward to the role as comparse, the laughter fades away. Because people's policemen don't laugh.

The harsdorfer came to the filming through a friend – dieter eichner – and is taken by surprise. In the meantime, uwe pechmann, head of admissions at kama media, keeps an eye on things. Pechmann has been busy for months filming the docu-fiction "der salonwagen 10242" or "pfarrer brauer" on the way.

The centerpiece of the filming is hitler's salon car with original equipment from the third reich, which is at home in the DDM. And that's exactly why some of the historical scenes are being filmed in neuenmarkt. But not really in neuenmarkt, because the story takes willy brandt's visit to willy stoph in erfurt as an opportunity to show a fictional story about the saloon car attendant hartmut as the action.

Melvin mattes (20), moritz gob (18) and andy tasler (21), actually students of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium, transform themselves into volkspolizisten of the hitler regime. "It's just interesting, says melvin mattes. The schoolboys have no figure problems with the uniforms. They are cut extremely waisted, they fit tightly. The pants on the other hand are wide. But that does not matter. For melvin mattes wears in his comparsenrolle a strict coat with belt.

Borrowed wardrobe
The uniforms are borrowed from the bavaria film studios. The other outfits, too. There are also women on the platform where the scene is set. Simple burger, but also spitzel in strict tweedkostumen. Jutta wunderlich mimes the secretary of state security. "An id that has no feelings and shows no emotions", explains axel klawuhn.

Jutta wunderlich is an old hand and a friend of actor hubert burczek. She has already appeared in "tatort berlin" and "das verhangnis" as a comparsen. "I simply enjoy the disguise. Every time you feel different.", laughs.

Diana canola (37) also gets a tight costume. She is not impressed by the fact that the friction lock on the skirt is broken. On the contrary: "i've often taken part in shoots, with alexander holdt and with K 11. I have been performing for 22 years, 15 of them at the naturbuhne trebgast." And he continues: "i actually think the costumes from that time are great, i also tailor them myself – and the fashion back then was great", says the 37-year-old.

In the meantime, the rest of the compares sit in the hairdresser's salon at the DDM. Twenty extras are used in the scene at the neuenmarkt train station. Dieter eichner (60) is one of them. He enjoys being an extra and has already had all kinds of experience. "I was also present at the scene in the industrial museum in nunberg, where the film was shot. I was wearing a uniform that was so tight that I couldn't breathe at all, he amuses himself.

Exciting life as an extra
In the scene at the train station he plays a journalist. That's why the rustic harsdorfer with the distinctive beard also has a camera hanging around his neck. And of course he wants to photograph the celebrities – willy stoph and willy brandt. "But that's all I know, that's what's so exciting about being an extra. You are only told what to do shortly beforehand", so eichner.

The only real actor in the troupe is hubert burczek. He has been friends with kama media boss axel klawuhn for many years, and is also a regular spokesperson for kama media. Hubert burczek plays the saloon car attendant hartmut. And this one ages in the role. At the beginning he is forty years old, at the end over 90. "That is the charm of the role. I enjoy it very much", explains burczek, who already appeared in the ARD series "der bulle von tolz", in "marienhof, in "munich 7 or on "pastor brown" has played. And now he is playing the owner of the saloon car, who puts the historical experiences of the saloon car into a story. The saloon car is an original.

Meanwhile, the team from kama media has transformed the neunmarkt train station into the erfurt train station. "The preparations for such a shooting are insanely long", betrayal reception leader uwe pechmann. Because you have to have signs made, you have to disguise the ticket counter from 2013, which of course didn't exist at the time. Because he must not be in the picture. "The trains that normally arrive on track 1 according to the timetable had to be rerouted.", according to the recording supervisor. And the railroad sent two security officers.

Enormous auand
The fact that the weather was not ideal on the day of filming did not bother the cameramen and sound technicians from kama media very much. Because the scenes were shot in the car and in the covered area. "We can not cancel the shoot either. That's too much information", explains axel klawuhn and in the meantime arranges the extras. Because they are supposed to stand around at the station: people's policemen, spies, passers-by – as relaxed as possible, but each position is precisely defined.

Rehearsals are held again and again. Because the camera is supposed to move on a rail in order to get jerk-free pictures. And then it heibt nevertheless – achtung, kamera lauft. In no time at all, journalists and spies rush out of the train, saloon car attendant hartmut looks out of the door, puzzled. Ready.

The entire documentary film will be 45 minutes long and will be shown for the first time at the whitsun steam days. The title of the film is "the saloon car 10 242".

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