Five trucks, two traps and 200 cars.000 euros in damage: traffic chaos on the a3 near theilheim

Five truck drivers will probably remember the stretch of the A 3 between the rottendorf and randersacker junctions unpleasantly for a long time to come: on tuesday morning, they were involved in a rear-end collision there in the direction of frankfurt. Two drivers were slightly injured. In total there was a property damage of over 200.000 euro. According to the police, the result was a traffic jam that stretched for kilometers and reached far beyond the biebelrieder kreuz intersection.

At the randersacker junction, traffic in the direction of frankfurt is being led through three narrowed lanes due to construction work. Depending on the volume of traffic, long lines form on the right lane in front of the construction site, mainly due to heavy goods vehicles whose drivers are not allowed to overtake there.

End of traffic jam overlooked – truck crashes into tractor-trailer

At around 6:45 a.M., a 45-year-old driver noticed too late that a 40-ton truck in front of him was very slowly closing in on the end of the traffic jam. Despite braking fully, he crashed his tractor-trailer into the rear of the semitrailer about one kilometer after the rottendorf junction and pushed the vehicle onto a truck in front of it. The cab of his tractor-trailer was severely damaged and the man was trapped. The emergency doctor was flown in for first aid.

Bad kissingen district: woman missing – disappeared in wurzburg?

Firefighters were able to free the man quickly. He was then taken by ambulance to a hospital for examination. There it was determined that nothing was wrong with him and he had gotten away with the scare. The 57-year-old driver of the second truck was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The third driver remained unharmed.

Two of the three trucks had to be towed away. During the accident and the recovery of the vehicles supported floriansjunger from rottendorf and biebelried the officials with the protection of the accident place. Around 10:00 a.M. The accident site had already been cleared and the convoys were rolling again.

Shortly after clearance: another truck causes a rear-end collision on the A3

A 51-year-old truck driver was briefly distracted and drove his 40-ton truck into a braking tractor-trailer about four kilometers before the randersacker junction in stop-and-go traffic. The 62-year-old driver in front of him was slightly injured and taken to hospital with neck pain. The 51-year-old man was unharmed. His tractor-trailer, which was loaded with 6 tons of empty steel drums, had to be towed away.

Employees of the freeway maintenance department kist took care of spilled operating fluids and cleaned the carriageway. The work was completed at about 12:00 noon.

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