Funpark in thurnau: the holes will soon be put away here

Funpark in thurnau: the holes will soon be put away here

An artificial ice rink, an adventure mini golf course, a bouldering and games hall, and vacation apartments on a 6000-square-meter flat in thurnau? What sounds like a crazy idea becomes reality. Dieter and robert weiss, who already run the cafe and appartementhaus "moments at the schlossweiher, they are building a fun and relaxation park in the berndorfer strabe, not far from the highway, which should become an attraction and not only lure visitors from the region, as dieter weiss explains in the interview.

Mr. Weiss, the building application will be dealt with today, monday, in the meeting of the municipal council. How did you and your brother come up with the idea of building such an amusement park, which, with a surface area of 6000 square meters, is quite large??

We wanted to offer families a recreational opportunity that does not exist in this form in the region and that is something special. The location, not far from the freeway, is ingenious, and not only because of the good transport connections. The location is also top, because the football field and the swimming pool are in the immediate vicinity and complement our offer.

Quite a few people who see the construction site now are wondering what all is being built there. What is actually being built?

We are building a miniature golf course, which will not be a traditional one with a concrete base. It will be an adventure golf course embedded in nature. We will play over rocks and over water – and that on a high quality artificial turf, which is already being installed. Other attractions include an artificial ice rink and a bouldering and games hall. It will be a hall where you can climb without equipment and do not have to master too high levels of difficulty. It should become a climbing facility for everyone. The maximum height will be 3.5 meters. If you fall off, you land on soft mats. To complete the offer, we are also planning an appealing gastronomy area.

How rough will the ice rink be??

The skating rink will be equipped with a barrier and will be 750 square meters in size. Ice skating is possible from october until spring. In the evening of course under floodlight. In the summer, the facility can be used for other purposes, for example as a soccer court. We are installing a heat pump and will use the energy generated by the ice rink to supply the other buildings with heat.

Parts of the minigolf course are already completed. From when you can play there?

We expect to be able to play minigolf in may at the earliest. As soon as we have all the building permits, we'll really get started. Our goal is for the entire park to be operational in 2022. Except for the accommodation facilities, which will probably be developed only in the following year.

The area is located directly on the highway, which should also attract visitors from other regions, who can spend the night there. Container apartments will be built. How can you imagine?

We will set up sea containers, which we will spice up. Those who know us, know that it will be something special. On 27 square meters flat we will install a double bed, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. We will initially set up six such containers, but reserve the right to expand to nine.

How much money you invest in the facility?

The cost is almost two million euros.

The recreational area is not for free. How much will be the entrance fee?

We do not want to charge a full entrance fee at the entrance. Those who are in the park will only pay for the attractions they actually use. We don't know yet what we will charge for the entrance.

Corona has slowed down many recreational activities. During the planning phase, did you sometimes toy with the idea of stopping the project??

No, we did not toy with that idea. The planning has also started before corona. We are sure that the situation will eventually return to normal and that our wide and attractive range of leisure activities will attract many people to thurnau.

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