Future-oriented marktbreit with zero debt

Future-oriented marktbreit with zero debt

At the traditional new year’s reception of the town of marktbreit in the lagerhaus, to which all office bearers and employees of the town were invited, mayor erich hegwein gave a short review of the most important points of the past year and an outlook on the plans of the town in the new year.

The second keynote speaker at the microphone besides hegwein was mayor thomas keil of benshausen. In addition to politics, culture was not neglected either: the vocal ensemble "kreuz und quer" under the direction of silke dittrich inspired the audience with song performances. The "monday socks", a young group of musicians who met at the gymnasium in marktbreit and have now been playing music together for three years, also provided applause.

Research school of the year

A special welcome was given to the new mayor of marktbreit, volker schlegelmilch, who officially took over from volker deifel at the beginning of the year. Among other things, hegwein praised the gymnasium marktbreit, which was honored last year by the state ministry as research school of the year 2012. Last year, the city was not only able to sell 20 building sites to developers from outside the city, but the old town is also to be preserved and challenged.

Programs have been set up to help private investors preserve their buildings. A new public parking lot is also being built in ochsenfurter strabe – and: the apartment building at pfarrgasse 11, "the last building in town with bullet holes from the second world war," is being renovated, according to hegwein.

"If in 2011 we were in first place in the county in terms of business tax, in 2012 we again had a normal tax year and our debt is practically zero". Our financial situation enables us to fulfill our tasks properly," hegwein summed up. Since the commercial areas are almost all already occupied and promised, the city is planning a joint commercial area with the neighboring communities of obernbreit and martinsheim at the highway access road.

The expansion of bachgasse with the design of the area in front of the museum is at the top of the agenda in the new year: "it would have been finished a long time ago, if we hadn’t received demand money, which imposes certain rules on us and demands patience," says the mayor about the status of bachgasse, which is very plagued by traffic, which even the "kubelbaume" (cube trees) discussed in heib have so far been unable to put much of a stop to. The narrow, paved sidewalk as the only access to the museum of the city remains a very gross risk for pedestrians. In the district of gnodstadt, too, the rehabilitation of the inner-city streets is to be continued.

"We must make our city fit for the future, because this is the place where we spend our lives," was the mayor’s slogan.

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