Grade one in listening

Grade one in listening

He doesn’t take it personally that they assigned him a pig book, says markus ungerer, deputy commander of the kitzingen fire department. "The adventures of eduard speck" (john saxby), which he read on friday to the class 3c of the st. Hedwig elementary school prepared actually have little to do with putting out fires or rescuing cats.

The story about the lazy farmyard pig still grabs the children who are sitting in the snowy seat on top of the fire truck. The third and fourth hours of school are reserved for listening today. Because all over germany children listen to stories.

Six stations

The annual nationwide reading day is an initiative of the stiftung lesen with other partners. The elementary school st. Hedwig sends her third and fourth graders out of school into the city this year: volunteers read to them from books at six stations. Without any sound effects or 3D animation. Ungerer already liked to read to his own two children in the evenings before they went to bed. Today, only the time of day and the fire suit make the difference.

At station two, school liaison officer heike ott also wears her work clothes: the police uniform. She reads about a tracking dog that keeps order on the farm. The average age in the training room of the kitzingen police department is much lower than usual, the 4c is a guest. The children’s story is not entirely realistic, ott had previously joked with her colleague – police dogs don’t normally drive chickens into the coop. The kids don’t care, they listen to "schluss mit lustig" by hermann schulz with rapt attention.

At station three, the 3d is all ears, only occasionally rolling from the back onto the belly. Almost like at home in the living room, the children lie down on the floor in front of the altar or sit cross-legged while pastor uwe-bernd ahrens reads a story like that of the good samaritan. Teacher pia schaffner was skeptical about whether it would work in the class with many muslim children. But ahrens was open to any question, no matter how simple, about the text or the church.

When noah smooches emma

At the same time, tourist info boss walter vierrether has made himself enthusiastic fans: because noah from the 4c has a birthday today, vierrether has unceremoniously renamed the main character in one of volkmar rohrig’s "tree house stories" to noah. Enthusiastic cheering when "noah" smooches emma. Vierrether even wants to continue: as a reading mentor in the bookstore.

"A grandpa died", "to fill the vacant sixth chair again, the family bought a new dog", "he could play super fubball": the 3-a-ers summarize what "balaban neumann, the dog" (sheila och) is about. Harald erhard from the BRK read aloud. Likewise isolde heim-weidinger at station six, the bookstore schoningh. From "ronja the robber’s daughter. The 4a finds it one-a.

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