Groblangheim takes fourth start

Groblangheim takes fourth start

The air pistol shooters of the SV groblangheim have had a curious season. As champions in the lower franconian league, they ended up on top – and even won the competition for promotion to the bavarian league northwest. So some of the low scores during the round were forgotten, which had made the promotion seem a distant prospect. Now the groblangheimers are starting a fourth run in bavaria’s highest division and are confident that this time the elevator won’t take them back down with it at the end of the season.

"In the end, we were happy to prevail." Christian winkler on the promotion of SV groblangheim

"As unfortunate as we had lost some competitions at the beginning of the round, so fortunately we prevailed at the end," says team leader christian winkler. He thought that the team’s performance had largely been good – but the course of the season turned out to be so curious that, before the final day of competition, all competitors were separated by no more than four numbers.

This meant that almost everyone could still become champion, but could also be relegated. In the end, when it mattered most, the groblangheimers proved to have strong nerves.

While philipp ackermann had one or two hang-ups in the previous round and ended the season in third place on the internal seedings list, sebastian will improved and achieved the best average of all groblangheim shooters with 361.1 rings. Behind christian winkler, markus richter was only fourth on the seed list. Meanwhile, newcomer erich appold kept winning important points in position five during the season.

The groblangheimers have already been promoted to the bavarian league four times, most recently in the 2015/16 round when they were among bavaria’s best, but they were immediately relegated again without a sound bite. Now christian winkler has more confidence in his team. Because he has noticed that everyone is more eager to train than before. The man from margetshochheim himself took to the slate not only in groblangheim, but also in zellingen to pit. "If philipp can carry over his form of preparation into the round, he will perform strongly," says winkler about the rudenhauser and youngest athlete at the groblangheim bavarian league guards.

"A good start to the season is important," says winkler, who hopes not to lose the first two matches and come under pressure to succeed right from the start.

Winkler sees fellow climber eichstatt as one of the competitors to be left behind. For the start of the season, he and his men had to face the hosts and their rivals from hitzhofen on sunday in diespeck – and they had to make a fairly short trip in the process. Later it is necessary to drive more than 150 kilometers to the gredinger corner and to play two competitions on sundays, that gives more stress than the single matches on friday evenings in the lower franconian league. "We are relaxed about it. I think that this time we will be able to stay in the league," explains christian winkler. Of course, even a relegation would not be bad for the club. Winkler says: "the lower franconian league isn’t bad either."

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