Guided tour of the green hospital

Guided tour of the green hospital

Bright rooms with a beautiful view, automatically dimmed lights and underfloor heating – no, we're not talking about a hotel here, but about the new clinic in lichtenfels. At today's burgerfest, visitors can take their first look at the new building. "But don't be alarmed, we are still in the construction phase.", warns county councilor christian meibner (CSU). One day before the official tour, he presents the green hospital together with construction coordinator tristan rinker and hospital director eva gill. At the inauguration, meibner can breathe a sigh of relief: "we've got our work cut out for us, but i can say that we're satisfied with the quality and may even undercut the construction costs." About 80 million these.

Everyone should feel comfortable

Patients should feel comfortable during their stay at the clinic. There are a total of 276 beds and four double wards, with one ward containing 32 beds. These are divided into double and single rooms. According to eva gill, there will definitely be no triple rooms or beds in the corridor here. "When the hospital is full, it is full", confirms the district administrator. And that is also in the interest of the patient.

Japanese interested in "green hospital
with a new screen at the bed, a gentle view of nature and an automatic light system, the stay should be as pleasant as possible. The fully automatic light system turns on at wake-up time, with a soft, dimmed light. "The light builds up automatically, it corresponds to the natural rhythm of daylight and also adapts to it", says gill. In addition, he said, there was a warm. The builder was skeptical at first. Because so far, he said, there is no clinic that has this system in place. "As a builder, you're naturally worried", he confesses. These have meanwhile faded away: "an automatic feel-good atmosphere is created."

Green hospital: lichtenfels sets new standards in clinic construction

however, the landrat was a bit shaken when he visited the operating rooms. The walls are hung with rough-format landscape pictures. "I have nothing against the alps and the north sea, but here should be home pictures." That's why they will soon be covered with pictures of banz and staffelstein monasteries. Because the staff should also feel at home in the new clinic.
The original view of this can be seen from the cafeteria right at the entrance area. The terrace should also attract external visitors.

Sustainable building

But there is much more behind the building: the green hospital serves as a reference object and the energy values are scientifically evaluated. The free state of bavaria has invested around eight million euros in the green hospital standards. Building coordinator tristan rinker gives an example of this: "in all rooms there is underfloor heating, which is obtained from the earth's heat. We have also installed photovoltaic systems on the roof and in the facade of the building." It is estimated that we will save 65% of our energy costs per year.
"There's more to green than just energy efficiency", says the county commissioner. Every building material was designed with recycling in mind – the cafeteria will only serve organic products and a relaxing patient garden has been laid out, next to it a kindergarten. Take a holistic view of sustainability and environmental awareness. The client describes the development of the hospital as follows: "until now we had a fishing boat – with the green hospital we have an airplane carrier."
The clinic aims to achieve platinum status for sustainable buildings. Interested parties can see the "airplane carrier" for themselves from 4 p.M. Today make.

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