Heavy gales on wednesday, high water, fresh snow: this is how the weather will be for easter

Heavy gales on wednesday, high water, fresh snow: this is how the weather will be for easter

Strong temperature contrasts between northern and southern europe affect the weather beyond easter. Low-pressure areas move eastward directly over franconia. Weather expert stefan ochs speaks of interesting development possibilities. He expects heavy storm gusts on wednesday evening, high water on thursday and last even new snow on easter sunday.

According to wetterochs, the latter is rather unlikely. On tuesday it will be cloudy during the day and mostly without precipitation. The temperatures climb to about 9 degrees – the weak wind blows from west to south.

Weather in franconia: cold and wet eggs for easter

Wednesday night and wednesday will be overcast and rainy. Depending on the weather model, rainfall amounts of 10 to 30mm are expected. According to ochs, the water levels to the west and south of furth are already high after the melting of the snow, so that there is a threat of flooding especially there.

Warning of severe gale force winds

The danger of storm gusts beaufort 9 or even of heavy storm gusts beaufort 10 is increased on wednesday evening. The exact wind conditions cannot yet be predicted because the path of a small rim low has not yet been determined, says stefan ochs. Temperatures will range from 8 to 12 degrees.

On thursday it will be cloudy with scattered showers. A maximum of 9 degrees will be reached. The strong wind in boen blows from the west.

Good friday quite friendly

On good friday, it was allowed to be quite friendly in the area of an intermediate high, before the bad weather area of the next low seized us on carol saturday. 20 percent of this low will bring scandinavian cold air with frost and snow to us on easter sunday.

Light night frost is most likely on good friday night. Otherwise it was allowed to stay mostly frost free.

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