In paradise, wool will soon be on the loose

In paradise, wool will soon be on the loose

Quickly visit the hollental, a real paradise. Because soon the idyll will be over. Politicians, tourism managers and restaurateurs dream of busloads of tourists marveling at a world sensation: at 720 meters, the world’s longest free-span suspension bridge over the hollental valley.

Between sauerbraten and schwarzwalder-kirsch-torte the few steps to look down 180 meters into the hiker’s paradise should be in there. A slim twelve million euros are to be invested.
The hiker who starts from the thuringian blankenstein on the frankenweg is captivated after only a few kilometers by a grandiose view of the wildly romantic hollental valley. And in the background the picturesque town of lichtenberg with its castle is enthroned on a mountain ridge.

But grandiose nature alone is no longer enough these days. Even with a visitor mine or a small but fine museum in the old train station, you just can’t lure anyone behind the stove any more. So you can walk through the hollental even on a vacation without meeting a single fellow human being.

But soon the holle will be loose there. The modern man needs action, attractions, events. And what comes next? A cableway from plassenburg castle to kronach’s rosenberg fortress perhaps?

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