In this workshop, curiosity is encouraged

In this workshop, curiosity is encouraged

In the middle of a conversation about art, artists and mutual exchange, the call goes out: "there's pizza"!" A little later, a group of women and men sit around a rough table and share a family pizza with appetite. This is also how a community is formed, and it's also part of it when the federation of french artists invites people to the artists' symposium at plassenburg castle.
This is the fourth time that this unusual meeting has taken place. The initiative once came from nurnberg artist angelika kandler-seegy. Together with hans-dieter jandt from eckenthal, she planned and coordinated this year again.

25 artists, the women clearly in the majority, transformed the coarse courtyard of the plassenburg into a single coarse studio on the tuesday after whitsun. The floors are covered with tarpaulins. At the tables under the windows, people brush, paint and shape, walls and sills are visibly filled with the works that are created in the process.
The atmosphere at the castle is tremendously stimulating, enthuses martina karsch. The artist from kulmbach, who had long devoted herself to the production of sculptures, recently turned to painting. She is attending the symposium for the first time and is pleased that her application has been accepted. Not only the coarse room with the thick walls fascinates her. "I think it's great how I have been received as a newcomer here. The mutual exchange brings a lot of benefits."
That's exactly what angelika kandler-seegy wants. "A symposium like this is also about team spirit," confirms angelika kandler, she says. "When artists work together as they do here, without competition, a very special energy field develops that is tremendously stimulating for everyone."
This is confirmed by the painter anne kristin fuhrmann, who also comes from kulmbach: she has looked closely at what the others are doing, has had techniques explained to her and has absorbed many suggestions in the languages: now she is trying herself out – pictures in different techniques and styles are gathering around her work table.

Wonderful exchange
"A wonderful exchange has developed", confirms angelika kandler-seegy. It is not limited to the current work: all the artists brought three finished works with them. They are discussed, everyone gets the chance to explain how they work.
Sometimes completely new relationships develop – between the artists, but also between their works. Painter helga hopfe from mainleus, for example, has a soft spot for the sculptures by anita M. Franz from central franconia discovered. And in the day: picture and figures harmonize perfectly.
Even amateurs could benefit from this very direct insight into artistic creation that is offered here – if they came to the castle. Up to now, the organizers of the symposium say, too little is known about what's going on up there at the castle. The artists were delighted to receive curious glances and questions – and now hope that a few visitors with a thirst for knowledge will turn up over the weekend.

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