Jennifer wears only “butter shoes

Jennifer wears only

Edeltraud glaser is a festival hostess at the beer festival and on her feet all day long. She needs the right footwear. The kulmbach girl wears different shoes every day during the beer week. "But never new shoes. So that one does not get blisters, they must be already run in", it explains. Your recommendation: sneakers or closed half shoes – best with fubbett.

Right shoes to wear
The female also jennifer schulte from regensburg. "The first time I served on a rough festival, I wore leather sneakers. After that I had blisters and swollen fube", she tells. The 22-year-old then bought her "butter shoes". That's what she calls her nike sports shoes, which she wears to work. "Because in them you walk like in butter."

Your colleague johanna marhan (60) from karnten swears by her health shoes. "When serving I wear already for 20 years nothing else." she has two pairs with her at the beer festival. So that she can change once a day.

What johanna calls her health shoes, marcel hager (39) calls his safety shoes with steel toecaps. The ludwigsstadter roast the rooster in the bierstadl. It's even hotter at his workplace than elsewhere. Because his shoes are breathable, he still does not sweat.

Beer party with heel
For beatrice bar (22) the stadl is not a workplace. But she still works hard: in shoes with wedge heels twelve centimeters high, the woman from mainleus celebrates at the beer festival until late into the night. "I always wear high heels. Therefore I can run quite well in it." she only takes her shoes off when she goes dancing on the bench – because it would be too dangerous on the heels otherwise. Why she prefers to play with "her boys celebrates? Beatrice smiles: "they don't whine about their feet hurting them."

Danger with open shoes
Landlady edeltraut glaser, on the other hand, warns against overly fashionable shoes: "the most dangerous are flip-flops or sandals – shoes where the toes are free. If you step into a piece of glass, you can cut open the whole fub."

Even the best shoes can't prevent the people for whom the bierstadl is a place of work from sometimes having mude fube. The only thing that helps is to put your legs up. And as for edeltraud glaser: she is already looking forward to the fubmassage afterwards.

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