Low rugt bundesliga after european cup debacle

low rugt bundesliga after european cup debacle

National coach joachim low criticized the attitude of some clubs after the alarmingly poor performance of the fubball-bundesliga in the european cup.

"Some teams have rotated relatively much especially in these international games. And then you also have to accept that you might not advance in europe because the other teams, no matter where they come from, are fighting to get into the intermediate round or the eighth finals."The opponents were for it with their "best teams", said low in the annual review of the radio station B5 current.

"I notice that teams from france, the scandinavian countries and southern europe have also caught up. They’ve gotten better, and we have to be careful that this doesn’t become the order of the day," the world champion coach warned.

In the champions league, bayern munchen alone reached the eighth finals. Borussia dortmund and RB leipzig have been relegated to the europa league as third-placed teams in their groups. In the missed 1899 hoffenheim, the 1. FC koln and hertha BSC enter the intermediate round. SC freiburg had even failed in the qualification phase.

Low believes that apart from the top clubs FC bayern and dortmund, which also gear their squads accordingly to the european cup, the other clubs have not been able to cope with the additional burden in the same way. "A game every three, four days, a lot of travel, that also requires a bit of a different mindset," he said. But the international games are "important," even in the europa league.

Low also spoke to bayerischer rundfunk at the end of the final round about the second hot topic in the bundesliga, video evidence. "I think he is absolutely good. It makes fubball fairer," he summed up after the first half of the test phase, despite some missteps.

Low’s demand for the new year is a further improvement in the training of video assistants. These should be a help for the referee, who has to keep the upper hand on the pitch. "Very important decisions, goal or no goal, penalty yes or no, yellow or red or no card, these are already important decisions that can influence the game insanely," said low. "What is sometimes at stake today is already immense. That’s why i think this is a good help when everything is working. We still have to work on that."

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