Markt zapfendorf presents three winners

Markt zapfendorf presents three winners

Mursbach has set an example: a few weeks ago, the village in the itzgrund region received a prize in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" a gold medal at the federal level. Now the round of the most beautiful villages is about to begin again, and so the district commission of the competition was on the road for three days to tour and evaluate the 15 registered villages in the district of bamberg.

Kirchschletten and sassendorf will be the winners of the points, which will be forwarded to the district competition, in the category of towns with less than 600 inhabitants, and steppach, zapfendorf and trabelsdorf with more than 600 inhabitants. Strongly represented this year was the municipality of zapfendorf, which had entered no less than eight parts of the municipality and can be truly proud of itself with three winners.

The "dor competition" is about not about neat flower arrangements and clean lawn edges, on the contrary, a bit of wilderness can't hurt. Environmental and nature conservation, the economic, social and cultural commitment of burghers and local politicians, the village community, the building culture and the location of the village in the landscape are closely scrutinized by the relevant experts at the district level.

Maintained wilderness
In terms of "nature had scored steppach, because after the now completed village renewal immediately the traffic circle at the entrance to the village with cultivated wilderness auartet. The "silver summer" planting mixture had been specially prepared before the visit of the district commission not maht to show the very own gentleness of drought-contracted perennials. Steppach is also home to a real european novelty, namely a roof on which the nests of both a pair of female and a pair of black storks are located.

In zapfendorf, the focus was on the lively village community with over 50 associations, school, kindergarten and a great deal of civic involvement. For example, a burger bus with volunteer drivers serves all parts of the community. A cadastral register is used to counteract the building vacancies in the inner city, which are common in rural areas. Owners are regularly asked whether they would like to put an empty lot on the open market – with success, because the vacancies are gradually closing.

As a real "tree village trabelsdorf has turned out to be a real "tree village", because besides many new lime trees, which were planted in the course of the village renewal, there are also more than 1000 apple trees. Orchard meadows, which mark the transition from the village to the countryside, are a major plus point from which trabelsdorf profited. The connection to nature with a bathing lake and a bird watching platform allow the small and the large inhabitants to experience their surroundings up close.

Kirchschletten benefits greatly from the abbey maria frieden, to which an organic farm is attached, thus providing jobs and apprenticeships. In addition, many old farmhouses have been restored and revitalized in recent years, so that the historic townscape is once again clearly visible.

Grungurtel and colorful gardens
A youth center, which is available to all local associations and groups, serves the village community. Inner village grun is the characteristic of sassendorf. Beautiful colorful front gardens, facades bordered with climbing plants and a green belt around the village give sassendorf an appealing face.

Steppach, zapfendorf, trabelsdorf, kirchschletten and sassendorf were allowed to bury the evaluation commission of the district of upper franconia in the coming summer and to present themselves in best form. For all the others, there will be a ceremony in the fall to recognize and encourage the example of mursbach, where the suggestions of the commissions have been consistently implemented again and again, paving the way for nationwide success.

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