Melodious strokes in kutzenberg

melodious strokes in kutzenberg

A happy start into october with bohemian-mahrian sounds was provided by "dieter and his musicians" on sunday 200 listeners in the festival hall of the district hospital obermain in kutzenberg. The benefit concert in aid of "helfen macht spab as in previous performances of the ensemble was characterized by a cordial atmosphere.

Deliberately short kept dietmar hagel of the district hospital his greeting: "dieter zapf and his musicians are well known for their good atmosphere. I wish the listeners now a lot of fun, let them be enchanted", he welcomed guests and ensemble and of course also pointed out the charity character of the event. In this context, hagel thanked the conductor and his musicians for putting themselves at the service of a good cause with this concert. Admission to the concert was free of charge, but voluntary donations were made to the "helfen macht spab" campaign and thus benefit needy people and aid projects.

Timeless already

For their coming the audience was rewarded with a wide repertoire of bohemian-mahrian pieces. They walked together with the musicians "under bohemian stars" or enjoyed musical "strokes". Among almost two dozen other pieces, the timelessly beautiful "egerlander musikantenmarsch" was also played do not miss.

Trumpet, transverse flute, tuba, percussion – the whole thing seemed so playfully light to the listener’s ear. But behind this there are all kinds of trial hours. The musicians performed the "lake constance polka" in a successful manner and the "freibier-polka dar. "But not that everyone is running for the roof now, that’s just the way it is", laughed dieter zapf.

Humorous as always, the conductor slipped into the role of the moderator and had many a funny saying ready in dialogue with the audience. So it was no surprise that the spark was ignited in no time at all. The listeners enjoyed a good hour and a half of the event. Additional roots were given to the event with some solo performances. Martin gmell and manfred krebs intoned the "trumpet hearts" or carina treml and stefan buron the "spatenpolka. The audience was treated to an unusual experience with an alphorn performance by waltraud schilling.

The "alphorn magic" it performs lived up to his name. The trumpet solos by klaus sunkel and rudiger schorr as well as the vocal interludes by dieter zapf together with his blind daughter jasmin ("bohmische liebe") were also well received, "we musicians") received well-deserved applause.
Fittingly, the date of the concert also fell on the 1st of december. October celebrated the international day of music. "Dieter and his musicians did honor to the same in a beautiful way. But even the most beautiful concert has an end at some point, loud applause broke out. "Until the next time", conductor dieter zapf waved once again to the audience. "I was able to listen for hours", said a visitor quite pensively.
The guests were also grateful for 90 minutes of acoustic wellness at the exit, where the donation basket of "helfen macht spab" (help makes spab) was filled was set up, their heart speak, supported thus needy fellow men, who do not stand on the sunny side of the life. The amount of the donation has not yet been determined.

Supporters of "dieter and his musicians can look forward to the ensemble’s next guest performance in the not too distant future, namely on monday, 23rd. October at 18.30 o’clock in the guesthouse bruckner in obersdorf at the church fair.

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