Merkel stands behind rajoy in corruption affair

Merkel stands behind rajoy in corruption affair

She added: "we will continue to work well together."Rajoy reiterated that the accusations were false. He will resolutely continue the reforms for more jobs and growth "to overcome one of the most difficult situations in spain in the last 30 years.

The chancellor announced that the fight against youth unemployment, which is particularly pressing in spain, would also play a role in the discussions of the heads of state and government on the EU’s medium-term financial planning in brussels at the end of the week. In greece and spain, almost one in four under 25 was unemployed at the end of the year. Spain is one of the euro countries that has been hit particularly hard by the debt crisis.

Spain’s ruling people’s party (PP) was accused in the newspaper "el pais" of having paid illicit funds to rajoy and other members of the party leadership for years. Secret documents show that rajoy received about 25,000 euros per year. Rajoy had already rejected all accusations over the weekend and affirmed that he had never received or distributed black money. The PP wants to defend itself in court against the accusations.

Merkel said that in view of the accusations of black money, she had the impression that "in spain, the entire government, including the prime minister, is working to ensure that unemployment goes down, that the structural reforms work, that spain regains the strength that befits the country. She was convinced that the spanish government and rajoy could solve this task. Germany will do everything in its power to support the spanish government in this.

The chancellor said she had "great respect and admiration" for what spain had achieved in its fight against the debt crisis. She is convinced that the reforms will be effective.

Merkel said it would be examined whether the european employment agency could help in the fight against youth unemployment. The social ministers of the two countries had agreed to cooperate on placing spanish youths in internships in germany, for example. German companies in spain have also been asked to make a strong commitment to vocational training.

Rajoy announces further reform steps. In february, his government plans to present a package of measures to boost economic growth. It is important that small and medium-sized enterprises receive credit. It remains the broad national goal to fight youth unemployment. At the same time, he drew a positive interim balance of the reforms. The restructuring process of the financial markets will soon be completed. Then credits of the spanish banks could flee into the economy again. The rebuild is also progressing in other areas.

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