Munich suburban rail tunnel to become drastically more expensive

Munich suburban rail tunnel to become drastically more expensive

According to the "suddeutscher zeitung" (friday), an internal overview for the bahn supervisory board mentions a total sum of 2.433 billion euros. So far, the railroad and the state had put the construction costs at 2.047 billion euros. Bavaria’s economics minister martin zeil (FDP) called the railroad’s actions unacceptable and called on rudiger grube, head of the railroad, to create transparency immediately. A railroad spokesman did not comment on the internal paper on friday.

"For me, it’s inconceivable that the cost of the wedding will increase in just over two weeks between the top-level meeting and the db supervisory board on 12. December 2012," zeil criticized.

In the internal paper presented to the supervisory board in december 2012, the railroad justifies the additional costs, according to the SZ, with the "postponement of the deadline by two years" and with "higher planning costs". None of these points will be carried out concretely. Zeil said that, on closer examination, the alleged cost increases were largely non-existent for him.

On the one hand, the railroad and the free state had always presented certain risks in their financial planning. And the remaining additional costs are apparently due mainly to an annual increase of two percent and a delayed start-up date.

The greens and the free voters see their concerns confirmed. The much-celebrated breakthrough at the end of november is now turning out to be a "huge bubble about to burst," said thomas mutze, the transport expert for the state parliamentary green party. "It is foreseeable that we are threatened here with a munich 21, where in the end the free state will be stuck with exploding additional costs," he says.

Hubert aiwanger, leader of the free voters, emphasized: "it is advisable to enter into alternative planning, otherwise we will end up empty-handed, as we were with the transrapid."The magnetic levitation train to munich airport had also "died of cost increases".

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