Museum with added value

Museum with added value

"The whole thing is gaining momentum." Mayor johann kalb (CSU/ zwdg) could hear what he expected from the annual report of museum director tanja roppelt: no more and no less than a success story. And this is to be continued. "Now we're really expanding it,", kalb announced in the municipal council. The rough expansion has already been completed. The opening of the extension in may 2011 has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the museum. Some of these are already being used, as roppelt reported.

For example, there is now space for events that was not available in the winding birthplace of jean's great-grandfather, levi strauss. With the 1.5 million euro renovation and extension of the neighboring building, almost 400 square meters have been added to the previous 130 square meters. Underneath, an event room that holds a maximum of 70 to 80 people.

The first lectures that made full use of the space available were, for example, the presentation of the new biography of levi strauss by pautzfelder hans schaub or the CHW lecture on johann modschiedler by wolfgang rossler, the district curator of local history. Because these events have also completely exhausted the house's quota of chairs, roppelt would like "another 20 chairs". The mayor and the city council signaled their agreement to the acquisition and also held out the prospect of a whiteboard for multimedia presentations and seminars. Last fall, the event with US artist james rizzi in october had to be canceled at short notice. Rizzi was seriously ill and died shortly afterwards. The people of buttenheim still have a pair of levi's 501 jeans painted by the artist shortly before his death. Burgermeister kalb estimates their art market value to be "well into the six-figure range.

Wedding hall in the museum

In addition to lectures and seminars, the levi strauss museum offered other possibilities of use. In the future, weddings are to be held there as well. The municipal council has already decided this, now the room must be dedicated as a wedding hall. "A place to remember even after the third marriage", kalb jokingly remarked.

But the museum was not only active in its new rooms last year. For example, in cooperation with the university of erlangen, there were the levi strauss lectures, a jazz pint at the bamberger blues and jazz festival or an exhibition in reichenbach in saxony. Roppelt also made contacts for one of her new projects there. In 2014, the museum is to celebrate "25 years since the fall of the wall" a special exhibition about jeans in the GDR.

Before that, however, the "myth of the cowboy" is planned. The exhibition is scheduled to start in july. Roppelt would also like to show westerns – but this will probably fail due to the costs involved. So warner brothers wants 500 dollar per minute for it. An appearance at the state horticultural show in bamberg is also planned for this summer. In the pavilion of the county is from 21. By 27. June a place booked.

For a further strong zuspruch to the levi strauss museum seems to be thus ensured. Although the number of paying visitors in 2011 was lower than in the previous year at 13.500 on average over the last few years. But during the restructuring until may there were 1500, but in the second half alone then 12.000. Roppelt expects the new building to "decisively increase the number of visitors" to be able. So she recorded jungst "significantly more bus groups". And also the store, which is run by the forderverein, runs "excellent".

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