On the way on crib trails in franconia

on the way on crib trails in franconia

Franconia is proud of its long tradition of nativity scene building and of its increasingly popular nativity scene trails. Especially after the hustle and bustle of a visit to a christmas market, a visit to some of the crib stations can bring peace to the viewer – the meaning of christmas then comes back to the forefront a little more. St. Franc of assisi is considered to be the inventor, so to speak, of the representation of the christmas event. In 1223, instead of a sermon, he reenacted the birth of christ with living animals and people.

Today’s christmas cribs, however, have a much older tradition, dating back to early christianity. At that time, however, the representations only showed the baby jesus in the manger, together with the ox and the donkey. The figure of mary was only added in the middle ages, saint joseph was remembered later for the manger display. Today in many cribs are recreated whole landscapes. The story goes from advent to the feast of the epiphany, from scenes from the life of jesus to the three wise men from the east.

In the meantime, visitors can admire the most diverse representations of the christmas story on the french crib trails. On the bamberger krippenweg there are over 400 representations at a total of 40 stations. Not only in bamberger churches, but also in museums and on squares of the old town. It is said to be the longest nativity scene in germany. Whereby some stations are particularly recommendable.

Example diozesan museum: here you can admire 80 nativity scenes from all parts of the earth. Various materials are used in the manufacture of the figures. Wood is a natural part of this, but so is wax.
Particularly striking are rough cribs like the one at schonleinsplatz, but also old cribs like the baroque crib in the upper parish. Even in public institutions such as the district administration office, space is created during the advent season to present a few nativity scenes.

Proud of their crib tradition are also the marktredwitzer. For centuries, the typical nativity figures have been made of clay and painted here. On the marktredwitz crib trail, however, one also makes surprising discoveries such as alpine dairymaids or a cheerful company in the beer garden. Nativity scenes from all over the world have been collected by the inhabitants of neunkirchen am sand. With around 50 stations, this crib trail is now one of the largest in germany.

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