One in five low-wage workers

One in five low-wage workers

In the german labor market, more than 20 percent of dependent employees continue to be paid so-called low wages.

In april of this year, 7.8 million men and women were paid less than 12.27 euros an hour, as reported by the federal statistical office on monday. That was 21 percent of all employees. According to the international definition, an hourly wage is considered low if it is less than two-thirds of the median wage in a country.

According to the federal office, the number of low-wage jobs has risen by around 250 since april 2018.000 sunk. This was due to the widespread short-time work during the corona crisis, whose recipients were not paid as well. Statisticians assume that recipients of low wages were more likely to be hit by short-time work than others.

According to the evaluation, 92 percent of employees in the low-wage sector would benefit from the planned increase in the minimum wage to 12 euros. At present, the minimum wage is still 9.60 euros.

DGB board member stefan korzell described the figures as a "poverty testimonial. The higher statutory minimum wage must now be implemented by lawmakers. "Compared to the current minimum wage, a full-time employee earning 12 euros per hour receives 250 euros more net per month. That’s not peanuts," said korzell, according to a press release. But the statutory minimum wage can only be the lowest halay point. Truly good pay and working conditions are only possible with collective bargaining agreements.

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