Jennifer wears only “butter shoes

Jennifer wears only

Edeltraud glaser is a festival hostess at the beer festival and on her feet all day long. She needs the right footwear. The kulmbach girl wears different shoes every day during the beer week. "But never new shoes. So that one does not get blisters, they must be already run in", it explains. Your recommendation: sneakers or closed half shoes – best with fubbett.

Right shoes to wear
The female also jennifer schulte from regensburg. "The first time I served on a rough festival, I wore leather sneakers. After that I had blisters and swollen fube", she tells. The 22-year-old then bought her "butter shoes". That's what she calls her nike sports shoes, which she wears to work. "Because in them you walk like in butter."

Your colleague johanna marhan (60) from karnten swears by her health shoes. "When serving I wear already for 20 years nothing else." she has two pairs with her at the beer festival. So that she can change once a day.


Builders in the kronach district invest 23 million euros

builders in the kronach district invest 23 million euros

From single apartments to bungalows – 79 new apartments were built in the district of kronach last year, 34 of them in detached and semi-detached houses. This is pointed out by the housing association, which includes the IG bau construction union and the construction industry. The alliance bases its figures on the current construction balance of completed residential buildings from the federal statistics office.

In total, the builders in the district of kronach have invested 23 million euros in the construction of new apartments in the past year. "That sounds a lot. But in fact there had to be more if the federal government's housing offensive was to succeed. Building affordable housing is the only effective response to rising rents and high property prices, which are also affecting bavaria", says hans beer (IG bau) of the housing association.

Bar not reached

A total of less than 285,000 new apartments were built nationwide last year. Yet the grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD has set a completely different benchmark: 1.5 million new apartments nationwide by 2021 – i.E. 375,000 per year. "This means,
new housing construction already had to increase by a whopping 32 percent this year. So far, however, this does not seem to be the case either in bavaria or nationwide", according to beer, the regional head of IG bau in franconia.


Faster passenger checks possible at airport

Faster passenger checks possible at airport

Most passengers feel that checking their hand luggage and their own bodies is a necessary but also burdensome part of their trip.

The procedure becomes particularly nerve-wracking when long queues form at the counters and the departure date draws ever closer.

Last year, thousands of passengers missed their flights at rush hour, and not only in frankfurt; the controls played their part in this. But tests at hamburg and frankfurt airports now promise improvement, raising hopes that another chaotic summer could be avoided.


Mulheim calls for repatriation of suspects to bulgaria

Mulheim calls for repatriation of suspects to bulgaria

In mulheim rape allegation, city reviews possibility of returning suspects to bulgaria.

Three 14-year-olds and two 12-year-olds – all of bulgarian nationality – are suspected of raping an 18-year-old girl in a forest stucco on friday evening.

City spokesman volker wiebels said on thursday on inquiry, one wants to sound out whether the freedom of the families of the five suspects could be restricted. Bulgaria belongs to the european union.


Progress in consultations about summer vacation abroad

progress in consultations about summer vacation abroad

First progress made in discussions within the european union on dismantling travel restrictions ahead of the summer vacations.

Aubenminister heiko maas (SPD) expressed confidence on wednesday after video conferences with the neighboring and vacationing countries of germany that the worldwide travel warning after the 14. June can be lifted at least for the european union. In the first two rounds of consultations, they had come "a good deal closer" to this goal.

Maas met with his counterparts from ten of germany’s most popular vacation destinations on monday and with the ministers of the nine neighboring countries on wednesday. Both video conferences served to prepare the lifting of border controls due to the corona pandemic and the relaxation of quarantine removals with a view to the summer vacations. They also discussed how to protect holidaymakers from infection.


Service employee steals champagne and schnapps

Service employee steals champagne and schnapps

The owner of a restaurant in the district of kulmbach was amazed when he ordered coffee on ebay out of curiosity and got exactly the one he was missing. Even a tablecloth of the restaurant is said to have been wrapped in the tute. When looking at the account of the seller, also from the district of kulmbach, came the big shock. There were several bottles of wine, liquor, schnapps, sparkling wine and champagne for sale. All exactly the same varieties that were also offered in the restaurant. Now he only had to pay one and one together, because the seller was employed by him as a service worker and waiter.

A house search finally brought light into the darkness, the officers found numerous bottles in the man’s apartment, the thief was dismissed without notice on the same day. For theft in 189 cases, fraud in 20 cases, attempted fraud in 24 cases and forgery of documents in 20 cases, the 44-year-old from the district of kulmbach was sentenced by the local court to two years on probation. He was very lucky, because the representative of the public prosecutor’s office had previously demanded a prison sentence of two years and nine months.

In total, the accused had in the period from the beginning of 2013 to the end of 2016 in more than 200 cases stolen alcoholic beverages. Even some packages of coffee were among them. The prosecution put the total value of the goods at over 14,000 euros. The man kept some of the bottles for himself or gave them away, while he sold the bulk on ebay. Here the public prosecutor’s office assumed a loss in the amount of 3250 euros. The accused proceeded in a planned manner. If he thought the amount was too low, he bought his own goods back through a second account.


Whitsun wine festival in seinsheim begins in a full tent

Whitsun wine festival in seinsheim begins in a full tent

At the reception for invited guests in the historic town hall, markus mergenthaler dealt with the french language and its "hard and soft letters. He described alois josef ruppert as a pioneer of records in poetry form. Ruppert came to neuses am berg in 1872 as a teacher, town clerk and writer. There he had begun to collect payments and poems and to compose his own poems in the dialect, until he died in 1916 in geiselwind.

As one of the wine paradise communities, seinsheim benefits from the wine paradise trail between nenzenheim and weigenheim. Wine paradise managing director annerose pehl-durr presented the trail as an enjoyment route on which one can experience magnificent views of unspoilt landscapes from the hohenbuhl in seinsheim. Information boards point out the respective villages and their special features to the visitors.

From the neighborhood of iphofen, wine princess laura brought a wine made from dried grapes of the muller-thurgau variety. During the harvest, 85 degrees oechsle were measured, and after drying the wine was concentrated at 100 degrees oechsle. After that, the wine was vinified as a normal wine. It is characterized by a coarse substance supported by a light acidity. The wine is unique in franconia and is called strohwein in austria. This protected designation may not be used however.


Herzogenaurach schoolchildren are computational artists

Herzogenaurach schoolchildren are computational artists

540 students from grades 5 to 12 at herzogenaurach high school prove that mathematics can be fun. 31 of them have now been awarded prizes for their outstanding performance in the so-called kanguru competition. For more than 15 years, head teachers heike duthorn and astrid dobler have been committed to showing schoolchildren that mathematics is not just about calculating or learning formulas, but also about finding answers to tricky questions.
The award ceremony was also attended by the visibly proud principal norbert schell, who had a surprise for the 31 best-ranked participants. They spend an extra day hiking with the two teachers to the "tower of the senses" to nurnberg goes. Five students were awarded first place, 14 second place and twelve third place.
"It is an event that supports mathematical education in schools, awakens and consolidates the joy of dealing with mathematics and, through the range of interesting tasks, challenges independent work and work in the classroom", astrid dobler explained the concept. "The competition makes us see our students once again with completely different eyes than in normal math lessons", principal norbert schell is pleased with the gymnasium’s great participation in the competition round. Competitions often reveal previously undiscovered talents, notes the principal.
The two teachers were proud of daniel kreiner from the twelfth grade, who, despite the oral examinations for his school-leaving certificate, also "incidentally" won the first prize in the competition took part in the competition and won second prize. "This is our "model school", the two math teachers noted. It is very gratifying that individual high school graduates – despite abistress – consciously decide to take part in this competition. Since they have participated year after year since the fifth grade, this is simply part of school life for them in their final year as well.

The number of participants is rising steadily

"The competition is booming, no doubt because so many schools are really enjoying it", says heike duthorn. In germany, just under 200 schools took part in the kanguru competition in its first year in 1995; this year there were around 906,000 participants from 10,950 schools. The competition is a multiple-choice competition with a variety of tasks for puzzling, digging, calculating and guessing, which is intended above all to awaken interest in mathematics. The organizers hope to break down, or at least scratch, the fear that schoolchildren often have of the serious, rigorous, dry nature of mathematics.
The idea for the competition originated in australia (1978) and was brought to france by two french math teachers. In honor of the australian inventor, it was named "kangourou des mathematiques" (kanguru of mathematics). Among other things, each participant receives a certificate, the prizes are experiment kits, interesting strategic games, challenging mathematical puzzles and many books. In addition, the (very) best from grades 9 and 10 are invited to international math camps. Cultural and educational stays for the best from secondary level II.


Museum with added value

Museum with added value

"The whole thing is gaining momentum." Mayor johann kalb (CSU/ zwdg) could hear what he expected from the annual report of museum director tanja roppelt: no more and no less than a success story. And this is to be continued. "Now we're really expanding it,", kalb announced in the municipal council. The rough expansion has already been completed. The opening of the extension in may 2011 has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the museum. Some of these are already being used, as roppelt reported.

For example, there is now space for events that was not available in the winding birthplace of jean's great-grandfather, levi strauss. With the 1.5 million euro renovation and extension of the neighboring building, almost 400 square meters have been added to the previous 130 square meters. Underneath, an event room that holds a maximum of 70 to 80 people.

The first lectures that made full use of the space available were, for example, the presentation of the new biography of levi strauss by pautzfelder hans schaub or the CHW lecture on johann modschiedler by wolfgang rossler, the district curator of local history. Because these events have also completely exhausted the house's quota of chairs, roppelt would like "another 20 chairs". The mayor and the city council signaled their agreement to the acquisition and also held out the prospect of a whiteboard for multimedia presentations and seminars. Last fall, the event with US artist james rizzi in october had to be canceled at short notice. Rizzi was seriously ill and died shortly afterwards. The people of buttenheim still have a pair of levi's 501 jeans painted by the artist shortly before his death. Burgermeister kalb estimates their art market value to be "well into the six-figure range.


Groblangheim takes fourth start

Groblangheim takes fourth start

The air pistol shooters of the SV groblangheim have had a curious season. As champions in the lower franconian league, they ended up on top – and even won the competition for promotion to the bavarian league northwest. So some of the low scores during the round were forgotten, which had made the promotion seem a distant prospect. Now the groblangheimers are starting a fourth run in bavaria’s highest division and are confident that this time the elevator won’t take them back down with it at the end of the season.

"In the end, we were happy to prevail." Christian winkler on the promotion of SV groblangheim

"As unfortunate as we had lost some competitions at the beginning of the round, so fortunately we prevailed at the end," says team leader christian winkler. He thought that the team’s performance had largely been good – but the course of the season turned out to be so curious that, before the final day of competition, all competitors were separated by no more than four numbers.