Pediatric team saves raghad’s life

pediatric team saves raghad's life

Erlangen – little raghad looks out into the world from coarse round eyes and curiously follows what is happening around her. The fact that the little girl, who is just four months old, is so lively and her father ayman is able to smile again is due to the great civil commitment and the "children’s heart surgery" campaign thanks to erlangen university hospital.
Raghad was born in april 2015 in sasa (syria) with a serious heart defect. "The aortic valve and the aorta itself were highly constricted. Almost all the blood was congested in the left ventricle and the anterior chamber of the heart", explains prof. Dr. Robert cesnjevar, head of the pediatric cardiac surgery department at the uni-klinikum erlangen, the heart defect that the pediatric cardiac team was able to largely correct with two interventions lasting several hours.
The aortic stenosis was removed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory with a balloon catheter and the aortic stenosis was successfully operated on the next day. "Raghad was critically ill and without these two emergency interventions she could have died any day – now raghad and her family have a new perspective", is pleased prof. Dr. Sven dittrich, head of the pediatric cardiology department at the uni-klinikum erlangen, where the child has been treated since his arrival.
The way from sasa to erlangen was long and led through upper bavaria: because there the bath tolzerin elisabeth sellmaier became attentive over acquaintances on raghad. The fate of the little girl and her family touched the heart of elisabeth sellmaier, herself the mother of a three-year-old boy. However, the life-saving operation is currently unthinkable in syria, and with the sale of his store for over-the-counter medicines, the father could only cover the costs of the arduous journey to germany.

At his daughter’s bedside

Therefore the bath tolzerin heaven and holle set in motion. In the huguenot city, she received support from the association "erlangen helps, who contributed his many years of experience and practical help on the spot. After weeks of effort, it was late in the evening on the 12th. August finally the time had come: daughter and father were welcomed by doctors, health care workers and nurses at the pediatric cardiology center in erlangen.
On her long journey, which threatened to fail several times, raghad was at first still accompanied by both parents, due to difficulties at the border to lebanon, finally only still accompanied by his father. While he was admitted to the ronald mcdonald house in erlangen and spent as much time as possible at his daughter’s bedside, the hopes and fears continued for mother ghufran and ten-year-old sister riem in syria. "So much the better when, at the end of august, we were finally able to give them the good news that raghad had survived the many interventions well and could in the meantime be transferred from the intensive care unit to the normal ward", says dr. Faidi omar mahmoud from erlangen helps. The girl can be discharged at the beginning of september. "The past four months have been one big drama. But now we are very happy, father ayman speaks for the family.
The "children’s heart surgery" campaign is an initiative of the pediatric cardiology department and the pediatric cardiac surgery department of the university hospital erlangen. Their goal: to heal needy, seriously ill children from abroad in erlangen. This goal cannot be financed from our own funds and is dependent on donations. The donated funds are used exclusively for medical treatment without deduction of administrative costs, account fees or special fees.

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