Pelosi wants to clear way for impeachment proceedings

Pelosi wants to clear way for impeachment proceedings

U.S. House of representatives leader nancy pelosi, a democrat, wants to clear the way for the start of impeachment proceedings against president donald trump in the senate.

Pelosi held out the prospect in washington of referring the charges passed against trump to the other chamber of congress next week. This is a prerequisite for the start of the actual impeachment process in the senate.

Representatives from the house of representatives, which conducted the preliminary investigation into the case, must be appointed to oversee the proceedings in the senate. Pelosi wrote in a letter to democratic colleagues that she had asked the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, to prepare a resolution appointing these representatives, which would then be introduced on the house floor next week. Only then can the house of representatives formally submit the charges against trump to the senate. Pelosi did not give a more concrete timetable.

Democrats accuse trump of abusing his office to pressure ukrainian government to interfere in u.S. Election campaign in his favor. With the majority of the democrats, the house of representatives had already decided before christmas to officially open impeachment proceedings against trump. However, the charges against the president – abuse of office and obstruction of the investigation in the house of representatives – had not initially been passed by pelosi to the senate. In justification, she said she first wanted to know what the course of the proceedings was there.

Democrats and republicans have been arguing for weeks about the exact procedure of the trial in the senate: among other things, the democrats demand that additional witnesses be heard in the chamber. You wanted to achieve a commitment to this before the start of the proceedings.

However, republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell objected, arguing that the question of additional witnesses should be decided at a later date. He had indicated in washington on tuesday that the necessary votes had been secured to begin the first phase of the process, even without prior agreement with democrats on the procedure. The prerequisite, however, is that pelosi formally overcomes the charges. So that is what is about to happen.

Democrats accuse trump of pressuring ukrainian president volodymyr selenskyj to investigate his democratic rival joe biden in order to influence the november 2020 u.S. Presidential election. They see it as proven that a meeting with selensky in the weiben house and the release of military aid to kiev were made dependent on the announcement of such an investigation. Trump rejects accusations, calling the proceedings a partisan "witch hunt".

His republicans have majority in senate. The congressional chamber takes on the role of a court in impeachment proceedings. That trump could ultimately be convicted and removed from office is highly improbable in view of the majority conditions there so far. Trump is only the third U.S. President in U.S. History to face impeachment proceedings in the senate. Never before has a U.S. President been removed from office at the end of an impeachment process.

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