Poisonous aura shocks the primus

Poisonous aura shocks the primus

FC untererthal – SV aura 0:1 (0:0). Goal: 0:1 daniel hagemann (47.).

The paper form? FC untererthal was the favorite, of course. The viktoria is the league leader, and a commanding one at that. But also the auraer could approach this match with a broad chest after ten points from the last five games including the 7-2 victory the previous week over the FC WMP lauertal II. The goalless draw at the break was quite acceptable, although the hosts had more of the game and also the better chances in the person of benedikt hufner, mathias tartler or pascal wuscher. FC keeper daniel hammer only had to make one save on florian schieber’s free kick. Shortly after the break, however, the cold shower for the primus with the goal of daniel hagemann, whose free ball from the center line actually found its way past friend and foe into the goal. Only moments later hammer prevented the 0:2 with a strong action against patrick falkenstein. Also joker konstantin papadopoulos had been able to add the next guest goal, while on the side of the hosts benedikt hufner after cross of stefan thoma a hochkarater missed and shortly before the end of the game a freistobball just next to the home placed. However, it belongs to the balance of this game that in the final phase again hammer was on the spot at further aura opportunities for papadopoulos and arkadiusz porombka. "We have simply lacked the means. Aura was more aggressive, more poisonous, more present and therefore deserved to win", FC head of department sven rothlein summarized. The paper form? Had not played a role in the end.Js

SV obererthal – SG reiterswiesen/arnshausen/FC 06 bad kissingen II 2:5 (1:1). Goals: 0:1 otmane houara (15.), 1:1 tobias windberg (45., own goal), 1:2 johannes friedrich (60.), 1:3 fabian renninger (65.), 2:3 markus weidinger (66.), 2:4 dario holland (80.), 2:5 felix franz (82.). Bes. Incident: michael helm (obererthal) saves foul penalty by marcel roder (55.).

"The opponent was actually beatable. But we allowed ourselves so many individual mistakes that the defeat was a bit too high, but it’s absolutely okay, analyzed lorenz brust. In particular, the SV head of department was annoyed that his eleven players, who had few substitutes, scored three goals after wide throw-ins by gaste player-coach marcel roder. "These qualities are sufficiently known, nevertheless we slept there again and again." It had looked good up to the break, because tobias windberg’s own goal had given the red-whites the tie. And because michael helm parried marcel roder’s self-inflicted eleven, hope was alive for an hour before the guest was successful three times within a few minutes. "In the next games against lauertal and SG grafendorf, which are so important for us, we must present ourselves differently again", calls for lorenz brust.

Jsfc bad bruckenau – SG grafendorf/wartmannsroth/dittlofsroda 0:0.

As if the visitors were not already punished enough as the bottom team in the table, the team also had to change its keeper after just under half an hour when stephan schreihanz replaced the injured christian schreihanz between the posts. Until then offensive actions were rare. On the FC side, daniel bengart, florian jakobsche and felix frank sniffed at a goal, while philipp holzer twice beat FC keeper maxi lother. After the break, the fans were treated to plenty of corners and all kinds of substitutions, but because the salt in the soup was missing, it remained bland until the final whistle. "We simply did not manage to overcome the defensive bulwark of grafendorf", FC press spokesman christian riemey summed up. A few useful chances had been there for florian jakobsche after the cross of sebastian ziegler, daniel bengart and again jakobsche, while lother prevented the total bankruptcy with his parade against philipp lutz after the gentle pass from linus wilm.Js

SC diebach – TSV wollbach 2:2 (0:2). Goals: 0:1, 0:2 leo rottenberger (43., 44.), 1:2 alexander drachenberg (75.), 2:2 michael mathes (81.).

Against the favored TSV wollbach diebach played a respectable first half and was even a little more active than the guest. But shortly before the break leo rottenberger drosch a centrally defended ball from 20 meters worth seeing into the angle. Only a minute later, the wollbacher added another goal, this time flat from the edge of the penalty area. The hosts were initially shocked and could also thank their keeper lukas wahler, who made several strong saves in the second half. With time, the SC fought back into the game, alexander drachenberg marked the final goal with his head, preceded by a precise cross from patrick schmahling. Ten minutes before the end, michael mathes sprinted again after accepting a tee shot at the halay line. The SC-ler sat down well and finally pushed in from close range safely to equalize. Shortly before the final whistle, daniel schaub even had the winning goal for diebach on the fub, but failed with his finish from a few meters away.Smb

BSC lauter – vfr sulzthal 0:1 (0:0). Goal: 0:1 alexander unsleber (51., eleven meters).

It was not exactly a fubball treat that was offered to the spectators in lauter. Both teams neutralized each other to a large extent and hardly created themselves chances worth mentioning. The home team did a good job of following the coach’s instructions of playing from an orderly defensive position, but was unable to create any danger from a distant shot by nico kessler. "Sulzthal was a little better and had more of the game, but we still have not allowed much", summed up BSC press officer andre lang. In the 51. Minute could finally alexander unsleber assert themselves in the penalty area and was fouled for a penalty kick. The goalkeeper from the service himself stepped up and did not love to take the chance from the spot. Shortly before the end, lauter’s goalkeeper fabian lang made another brilliant save against unsleber. In addition to the game, the host also lost philipp goll, who was accidentally hit in the face and had to be taken away with a suspected broken nose.Smb

FC WMP lauertal II – TSV oberthulba 2:2 (1:1). Goals: 0:1 marius schubert (2.), 1:1 martin baumgart (38.), 1:2 erik beyer (85.), 2:2 daniel heuchler (90. +2).

The guests, who gave away a 3-goal lead in obererthal a week ago (3:3), were also unable to hold on to a two-goal lead on the centleite. The quick opening goal challenged the confidence of the straub men "who played better but were always thwarted by our outstanding keeper sebastian muller", FC press spokesman sven gessner reported. Then the oberthulbaer conceded before the break tea the equalizer, the WMP-routinier and team captain martin baumgart achieved. The guest remained at the printer "but we fought like the lowen", according to gessner. When a header by erik beyer was not to be parried by muller, the away victory seemed to be wrapped up from the point of view of the red-whites, but a sleepiness in injury time cost two points. A free cross from FC-oldie daniel heuchler was passed by the TSV defense through the sixteen, and keeper philipp metz, who was astonished by it, was then allowed to get the ball out of the meshes. "It was a lucky point for us, but a reward for our great morale", so gessner. Sbp

FC WMP lauertal I – SG hendungen/sondheim/grabfeld 3:1 (2:0). Goals: 1:0 andre kessler (7., penalty), 2:0 sebastian handel (39.), 3:0 andre kessler (66.), 3:1 steffen scholz (83.).

After the surprising defeat against sandberg in the previous week, the FC WMP lautertal showed a strong reaction and love against the joint venture from hendungen and sondheim nothing to burn. The home team was clearly superior from the beginning, but especially in the second half of the game was a proliferation of opportunities. Michael krautschneider was a major asset, but was unsuccessful in the end. Instead, andre kessler provided goals with a double pack. He scored first on a penalty stroke and later on from the crowd to make it 3:0. Sebastian handel scored the second goal after hendungen’s goalkeeper could only let a long shot by daniel schmitt bounce forward. The guests showed morale, however, and fought back with a counterattack to at least score a consolation goal. "Hendungen has fought well against, but we had also clearly higher drove konnen. After last week’s game it was a good and important victory", FC-informant sven gessner said.Smb

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