Progress in consultations about summer vacation abroad

progress in consultations about summer vacation abroad

First progress made in discussions within the european union on dismantling travel restrictions ahead of the summer vacations.

Aubenminister heiko maas (SPD) expressed confidence on wednesday after video conferences with the neighboring and vacationing countries of germany that the worldwide travel warning after the 14. June can be lifted at least for the european union. In the first two rounds of consultations, they had come "a good deal closer" to this goal.

Maas met with his counterparts from ten of germany’s most popular vacation destinations on monday and with the ministers of the nine neighboring countries on wednesday. Both video conferences served to prepare the lifting of border controls due to the corona pandemic and the relaxation of quarantine removals with a view to the summer vacations. They also discussed how to protect holidaymakers from infection.

"We also want to make a european summer vacation possible in this year of corona crisis – but under responsible circumstances," said maas. He stressed once again that safety must be the top priority, not profit: "it’s clear: we don’t want a european bidding war for tourists."

EU tourism ministers also discussed summer holidays on wednesday. The federal government’s tourism commissioner, thomas bareib (CDU), said he saw "good chances that people could travel to their favorite european vacation regions" this summer.

Croatian tourism minister gari cappelli made it clear that he expected agreements between individual countries rather than a solution for the entire eu. Whenever the virus situation in two countries is comparable, agreements should be reached between these countries, he said. Some countries had made it clear in the speeches that they insisted on stricter measures for the entry or exit – such as medical tests – of tourists. Others are in favor of a more relaxed approach. This would depend on the epidemiological situation in the respective countries.

German government seeks coordinated approach in the EU. Italy, which has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic, is already moving ahead and wants to open its airports from 3. June open again. Then there should also be no more quarantans for EU burgers.

The italian region of veneto with the unesco city of venice is already aggressively wooing german vacationers. "We are open, we are the region that immediately opened the beaches again," regional president luca zaia told foreign journalists in rome on wednesday. "We are ready to receive people from all over the world"."Veneto is like "home" for german and austrian people. Many people in the region were also known to speak german. He guaranteed all travelers a "covid-free" vacation because the region’s health system was excellent. "I’m optimistic about the summer season."

The northern italian region was the scene of one of the first two corona outbreaks in italy in february. In contrast to lombardy, however, veneto managed the crisis better, also because a lot of testing was done. The region pays a total of about 19.000 infections and 1800 deaths. Italy wants to start 3. June reopen borders for visitors from abroad.

The germans’ desire to travel still leaves something to be desired, however. According to a survey conducted by infratest dimap on behalf of the program "ARD extra", half of those who are already clear about their travel plans want to stay at home this summer. Last year, only one in four of this group of people did not take a vacation trip.

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