Reading competition: schoolgirls are strong with foreign texts

Reading competition: schoolgirls are strong with foreign texts

She knows her way around language, nora-eugenie gomringer. It was a great praise to the eleven participants of the reading competition when the director of the international art house villa concordia in bamberg said: "you were able to awaken the power of interest to follow a text. Moving through the text, giving the characters their own voices, that’s what some of you do particularly well."

For example flora muller from kulmbach and jasmin strobel from the district of hof. The two eleven-year-old schoolgirls won the district decision of the reading competition of the borsenverein des deutschen buchhandels on wednesday. For the two sixth-graders, the race starts on the 7th. May to furth, where they will compete in the state competition.

The main challenge will be – they both agree on this: "we have to find a new reading book"." This is supposed to go well with the schoolgirls. Flora muller read "ali and the 40 kisses" at the district competition in the bamberg city library by beate dolling, jasmin strobel read from "me, zeus and the gang from olympus – gods and heroes tell greek tales by frank schwieger.

When it came to reading the foreign text, both girls showed that they were particularly focused on the criteria "reading technique" and "interpretation understood. In the case of the self-selected books, the six-person jury also evaluated the selection of the books. "Some decisions have surprised us", nora-eugenie gomringer, spokeswoman for the jury, hints at this.

Their members had very different favorites. In the end, the points awarded and the hand vote were decisive. But none of the eleven participants from all over upper franconia went away empty-handed: in addition to a certificate, they also received a book as fresh reading fodder – and a compliment from christiane weib, head of the bamberg municipal library, on top of that: "i have become curious about many new books. You read so well and the audience listened so attentively that we even turned off the air because it was too loud for us."

Corinna wachter from the osiander bookstore in bamberg, which hosted the event, also said: "actually, all eleven participants are winners. But unfortunately we can only send two of them on."

They’ll be practicing hard until the national finals in just over two weeks. Flora will again read to her mom and little sister. And jasmin gets tips from her german teacher: "don’t read the passage too often, otherwise you will get bored. And you can hear that."

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