Reading is a ticket to the world

Reading is a ticket to the world

About 200 students of the 1. And 2. This year, the first classes met in the auditorium of the elementary school at the monchsturm for the presentation of the reading touts.

The action was opened with the driving "piri-rap", which the first class restaurant owners presented. The second classes were waiting with an "ABC song" danced as a polonaise through the rows of spectators.

The high point was the handover of the reading mares, in which matthias teltz of the "bunten buchladen" (colorful bookstore) was the guest speaker the first reading book, which had previously been colorfully painted and labeled by the second-graders. So every tute is a unique piece. Speeches about reading and the world of books – delivered by second-graders – rounded off the event. The school beginners were happy about the presents – they are books after all"…A ticket to the whole world" and"…Fits better in a backpack than a tv" – as the children aptly stated.

The project has been in place nationwide since 2011. It is supposed to awaken the children’s love of reading and to challenge their social skills

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