Reckendorf is on the way

Reckendorf is on the way

The public’s attention to the youngest municipal council meeting and the interim result of the isek (integrated urban development concept) for the municipality of reckendorf was unusually high. Almost all the chairs in the audience were occupied by people who could be recognized in the presentation by urban planner and geographer naja seebach from the urban planning office responsible (wittmann, valier und partner gbr, bamberg). Almost one in three households had taken part in the questionnaire campaign for the preparatory survey (VU). The results were presented to the rates by diplomgeograf philip meinardus of buro planwerk (nurnberg).

As strong ranked the excellent traffic connection, the good local supply and the lively club life on the first places. On the other hand, the respondents criticized the lack of medical care and the high traffic volume as weak points. The general supply situation was assessed as sufficient in the mid-mab, only in the other retail trade (except for food), culture and health a deficiency could be determined. The recreational facilities were rated above average.

Popular village square

As a surprise for the planners, the most popular place to stay in the community turned out to be the village square with the church enclosure. This is surprising, according to meinardus, because this area is directly crossed by the busy federal highway (B279). The main wish of the participants (85%) was to slow down traffic at the entrance and exit of the town. Among the most important topics to be considered in sustainable local development were improvements in the living situation for older people, especially housing for them, and, in the broad middle range, accessibility .

The goal, as city planner nadja seebach explained, is to work out development guidelines with politicians, citizens and experts, a mission statement and strategies that will be given to the people of reckendorf as a concept for action to recommend for the next ten to twenty years. The preparatory study is based on the definition of a redevelopment area, which is to be incorporated into a redevelopment statute. After the decree, there was a demand for funds from the government, and private citizens could count on tax relief for renovation work.

The next steps will be to discuss the "utilities" issue (4. April), the workshops "neighborhood assistance, meeting points (11. April) and "traffic/bike paths" (16. May) as well as the group discussion on the "lechner-stolbinger areal" (may/june) executed. Within the framework of the baunach alliance, the 28. May an intermunicipal workshop is planned in baunach. The results will be reviewed and evaluated by the municipality and the planning offices, and finally coordinated with the authorities.

Revitalize land

Following the presentation, councillor hubert rottmann was particularly interested in the results of the council’s deliberations on the "lechner/stolbinger" site could win over whether it would eventually be worthwhile to buy in there. City planner seebach stated that a revitalization of these properties was definitely to be buried "it is now a hole in the center of town". It is hoped that a utilization concept will be available by the time of the meeting.

The feasibility study, according to first mayor manfred deinlein (SPD), has already been commissioned. The bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments had promised a high demand, although an own contribution would remain in order to guarantee the responsibility for the project.

The municipal councils considered the request of a property owner for the land north of the cemetery parking lot to be positive (fl. No. 924) as a mixed-use area at its own expense, in order to build there. First of all, the change to the "geracher weg" development plan had to be approved and of the land use plan, which had previously provided for a basic area for this area.

Since an access road from the main street is not possible, the development could be carried out after a land swap with the neighbor from "geracher weg" what will happen. After extensive consultation, an urban development agreement is to be concluded with the developer so that he can continue to initiate the plans to change the development and land use plan.

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