Seniors and children topfern together in rodachtal

seniors and children topfern together in rodachtal

Beaming faces of young and old, loud "patsch", when the lumps of clay hit the floor and there was a lot of anticipation of the hopefully successful result – that was the mood in the workroom of the rodachtal elementary school in marktrodach.

Young and old – that's what the girls and boys from class 3a and eight senior citizens from the ASB senior citizens' center in rodachtal call home – work together to make clay garden animals. This is how butterflies, ducks and flowers are created, which, after being fired in the kiln, will be placed on wood and adorn the eaves of the home. "We have a lot of fun with the kids. It's great to work with them", says ottilie schnappauf enthusiastically and shows maria how best to work the clay with the rolling pin. "They are so happy and so enthusiastic", she adds with a laugh.

That gives you pleasure
One sees it to the children and the older women also that it really no "must" but gives both sides a lot of pleasure. Maria's lump will one day become a duck and the girls will have to roll. Auber maria is still zoe, so to speak, for ottilie schnappauf responsible. Always two children take care of a guest from the retirement home and make the clay figure with him. The duck at maria and zoe's table is also taking shape, thanks in part to the help of ottilie schnappauf. For maria, meeting the seniors is nothing new. "We have already been to the kindergarten for the lichterfest in the home and also with the school. But this action with the topfern was really great and it was especially that mrs. Schnappauf participated so much and was so happy", says maria with rough conviction and prepares the board with the duck for burning.

The pupils of class 3b gave the visitors a little extra pleasure. They had lovingly painted the board with flowers and "welcome" written. In addition, they had painted a picture for each of the seniors and made little packages of chocolates, which anita mairoser handed out.

The action with the seniors is not a coincidence. "We are applying for the title of 'environmental school' again this year, and one of the project themes chosen for this is 'connecting the generations. And that's where the specialist teacher anita mairoser came up with the topfern", explains rector annegret hummrich.

Projects with grandmas and grandpas
Many projects have already been organized with grandmas and grandpas and senior citizens. For example, the opa day of class 1a, where technical toys were made from everyday materials and a grandfather even traveled from kassel to be with his grandson. At christmas time the grandmothers baked cookies with the children and there was a nordic-walking day with the parents or grandparents. There will certainly be some more interesting days with the older generation, which will also contribute to a better understanding between young and old.

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