Service employee steals champagne and schnapps

Service employee steals champagne and schnapps

The owner of a restaurant in the district of kulmbach was amazed when he ordered coffee on ebay out of curiosity and got exactly the one he was missing. Even a tablecloth of the restaurant is said to have been wrapped in the tute. When looking at the account of the seller, also from the district of kulmbach, came the big shock. There were several bottles of wine, liquor, schnapps, sparkling wine and champagne for sale. All exactly the same varieties that were also offered in the restaurant. Now he only had to pay one and one together, because the seller was employed by him as a service worker and waiter.

A house search finally brought light into the darkness, the officers found numerous bottles in the man’s apartment, the thief was dismissed without notice on the same day. For theft in 189 cases, fraud in 20 cases, attempted fraud in 24 cases and forgery of documents in 20 cases, the 44-year-old from the district of kulmbach was sentenced by the local court to two years on probation. He was very lucky, because the representative of the public prosecutor’s office had previously demanded a prison sentence of two years and nine months.

In total, the accused had in the period from the beginning of 2013 to the end of 2016 in more than 200 cases stolen alcoholic beverages. Even some packages of coffee were among them. The prosecution put the total value of the goods at over 14,000 euros. The man kept some of the bottles for himself or gave them away, while he sold the bulk on ebay. Here the public prosecutor’s office assumed a loss in the amount of 3250 euros. The accused proceeded in a planned manner. If he thought the amount was too low, he bought his own goods back through a second account.

In a further charge, the man had also manipulated cashed vouchers in the period from 2013 to 2016. He just always put a "1 before the amount and thus increased the alleged value of the voucher by 100 euro. This amount he then simply took for himself from the treasury. "Yes, I admit everything", said the defendant at the start of the main hearing. He didn’t have much else to do, because he had long been considered to be in over his head. The reason he gave for his actions was that he needed the money to pay off two loans. In addition, he was angry that he received so little to no tips from most of the guests. Yet he would have been urgently dependent on this with a net wage of 1300 euros.

In most cases, the accused had simply written the bottles he kept for himself on the bill of guests who were supposed to pay a higher amount anyway. The likelihood of his actions being discovered was therefore relatively small. At the same time that the restaurant owner discovered the coffee on ebay, his tax advisor also discovered that something was wrong with the goods. The receipts and invoices did not match the vouchers that had been handed in. "We didn’t even think he would steal a stamp", said the chef of the restaurant on the witness stand. The accused apologized to him with a handshake in the courtroom. The restaurant owner accepted the apology with a shrug of the shoulders.

The defendant had unlawfully enriched himself through his professional position for years, said the representative of the prosecutor’s office. The defendant deliberately exploited the trust of his boss. "The damage is simply too high, the criminal energy too gross", said the prosecutor and demanded the prison sentence of two years and nine months.

By contrast, defense attorney ralph pittroff argued for a much lighter sentence. His client has already paid almost 4,500 euros in compensation for damages. For the rest, there is an admission of guilt and an installment agreement. This shows that his client recognizes his guilt and is himself affected by his actions. Due to a favorable social prognosis, the defendant has found a new job again, the defense attorney requested a sentence of one year and ten months on probation.

After lengthy deliberation, the court, chaired by nicole allstadt, decided on two years with probation. This is the highest penalty that can still be suspended. In addition, the defendant will have to pay back more than 10,000 euros in restitution and perform 250 hours of unpaid community service. "What they have done is not excusable", the judge said to the defendant.

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