Singer-songwriter muller sings about “wunderboora dooch

Singer-songwriter muller sings about

Johann muller can neither read nor write notes. But that doesn't stop the 51-year-old from burghaslach from performing as a french songwriter for the past 13 years. "My music is innovative and doesn"t need notes", muller explained on the sidelines of his appearance on saturday evening in the tavern "freyung" in oberreichenbach.
"I bought my first guitar at the age of 15 and taught myself to play." The master carpenter has been writing texts for many years, and in 2000 it was his wife who asked him to finally make something out of his texts. No sooner said than done, muller had his first performance in the kleinkunstscheune in burghaslach and a year later, in 2001, came his first CD with the title "horch" on the market. The second one followed in 2006 and had the title "zwaa hand".
In the meantime muller has been represented twice at the bardentreffen in nurnberg and has also performed several times with the dachsbach-born author helmut haberkamm. Haberkamm reads, muller sings, both in dialect.
Since last fall, the new album of the french songwriter "wunderboora dooch" is available, on the market from which he played pieces on saturday. There are songs and stories about life with all its light and shadow sides. Be it the comic, the tragic or the curious mixture of the two, everyone will find themselves here. With a wink of the eye, muller illuminates his french homeland, love and life in his very own, inimitable and virtuosic way. With guitar, harmonica and in authentic french dialect.
In addition to singing, muller tells stories in a subtle, atmospheric and witty way, which not only get into your ears, but sometimes also under your skin, or at least make you laugh. So he told about the "aischgrund", or as it is called in dialect "aaschgrund", and that in the "aaschgrund" also "aaschlocher gives. Wrong thinking, a smiling johann muller explained to the audience, who might have been thinking of disliked people here. In the song of the same name by muller are meant those holes, which sometime in the past by meteorite impacts in the "aaschgrund" are created.
And when asked where france actually is, muller answered as follows: "france is a muggerschieb between moscow and paris."

A love song as an apology

Although muller has been married with four children, he wrote a love song for his wife last year, which he also performed. It was created after he had been at the burghaslacher kirchweih one evening a little too long and didn"t feel very well the next day because of one or the other mab of beer. His wife was so angry about this, also because she was on a professional training course that weekend, that "silent movies were the order of the day" at muller"s home. But johann muller invited his wife to the church fair sunday, played her the love song in the evening and everything was good again. "Wunderboora dooch" so. 

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